Us scrap cars on the german used car market

Us scrap cars on the german used car market

His wish car brought Michael Binser * at the test drive to the limit. "With the BMW I was on the highway," reports the 48-year-old. That he and his wife brought himself in lifelike danger, Bindser learned in retrospect. High pace is no problem for a BMW 228i (Test) with its 245 hp four-cylinder. But the cabriolet approved in the summer of 2015 had a preface: as accident car with total loss from the USA.

After a heavy crash, the BMW had been pulled out of traffic there. A few months later, the car was still retreaded at a German used car handler in NRW – as a supposed snap with fresh HU seal. Beautifers had bought the wreck at an auction in the USA and then brought to Lithuania. There, the BMW was brought together again to end up on the German used car market.

No case

What sounds like a whimsical case is just one example of an expanding, criminal fraud mesh. According to the knowledge of the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) several thousand vehicles from the USA to Germany are imported every year and released here. How many of them as repaired accident cars take the detour over Eastern Europe can not be quantified. But there were "very many vehicles" in the German market offered, which own a history as an accident vehicle in the United States, explores BKA spokeswoman Britta Schmitz.

Auctions of accident cars are available in the USA. The wrecks declared as a so-called Salvage Title (US-aquivalent for decommissioning) are offered at a favorable price and can then be used as a spare parts dispenser. For some years, however, many of these vehicles have not been slaughtered, but in thirdlitters in Eastern Europe are re-assembled and resold as a boy used for little money.

Source: Lithuania

According to BKA, Lithuania is the most significant country in which US accident vehicles are recreated for the European market. In particular, models of BMW, Audi and Mercedes were often found in this context – here the profit margin for the dubious handlers is particularly rough. "However, for recently, US accident vehicles of Toyota and Lexus were observed, which arrive in Germany at the inclusion," says BKA spokeswoman Schmitz.

The Tucky is that the former wrecks often no longer recognize as accident vehicles. The "Car Recreation Manager" obviously give a lot of mess with your restorations. When Michael Bindser looked at the BMW 228i Cabriolet at a used car handler, he could not see any damage to the car. "He looked inside and dear Picobello," recalls the 48-year-old. "The driving behavior was great."In addition, the full equipment including M-package:" The car was exactly what I had introduced."Binds bought the BMW, because with his around 25.000 Euro was the car amazingly favorable.


"Exactly in this case is thousands of consumers for year – especially in Germany," says Frank Bruggink, business drivers of Carfax Europe. In the US, the service provider is an established provider. "Show me the Carfax" ("Show me the Carfax report") is there for used car purchase a standard set. The portal stores vehicle histories such as mileage and documents every coarse accident damage in a database. Carfax works with police, workshops, insurers and other partners. Since 1981, about 14 billion records to US vehicles should have been collected.

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