United internet: higher mobile costs print the profit

United Internet: Higher mobile costs Print the profit

High costs for mobile capacity have printed the profit of the telecommunications company United Internet. In the first nine months of 2020, the company posted a consolidated result of 331 million euros and thus 7.4 percent less than a year before, as the company announced on Tuesday.

The rucklang was because the United Internet subsidiary 11 has to pay more money for Internet capacity since July, which she has purchased from the network operator Telefonica – per half-year is played by 80 million per half-year. 11 Do not have any own mobile phone stations, but does not use the infrastructure from the competitor Telefonica.

Annual sales rises less

Sales of the parent company United Internet rose by 3.4 percent in the nine-month period compared to the previous year to 3.98 billion euros. Growth could not lead to that of the previous year. As the CEO of United Internet, Ralph Dommermuth, commented on the business, is mainly due to the effects of the Corona Pandemic, which meant about 17 million euros less. Adjusted for the pandemic effects, sales had increased by 3.8 percent.

The United Internet share is under prere according to the announcement of higher payments to Telefonica in September and has recovered little since then. On Monday she reached the deepest value with 29.10 euros since mid-April. On Tuesday morning, the course recovered slightly to 29,81 euros.

United Internet has 9600 employees, of which 7900 in Germany. In addition to the company headquarters in Montabaur in Rhineland-Palatinate (1700 employees) Karlsruhe is an important location (2500 people), there are among other things the hosting division and parts of the services GMX.DE and web.de settled.

United Internet wants to become drill with his daughter 11 Drillisch to the fourth German mobile network operator, for that the company secured the existing frequencies in 2019 in an auction of the Federal Network Agency. When the own network starts, but is not yet foreseeable.

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