Tuner cobra offers attachments for the volvo xc60

Tuner cobra offers attachments for the volvo xc60

Leopoldshohe, 10. June 2009 – Tuner Cobra Technology now offers a number of attachments for Volvo’s small SUV XC60: with tubes made of stainless steel, tread boards and enormous rims, the high-legged Swede can be customized.

Martial Front Bullet

An enormous stainless steel front ball with a pipe diameter of six centimeters gives the XC60 a martial external. Thanks to a flexible custody, which in the case of a crash accident allows for a backup of the bullet, according to Cobra all EU-Fubgangerschutz norms are filled. Thus, the attachment does not have to be registered either by the TUV, it is equipped with an EC operating permit. Costs for the thick tube: 577 euros.

alternative "CityGuard Bugel"

Who modify the front of his XC60 a little discreetly and still did not do without a stainless steel tube, for the vereder the so-called CityGuard bullet in the basket. This tube also has a diameter of six centimeters and pulls along the entire vehicle width at the bottom of the front tinker. Cost of: 395 euros. In addition, Cobra offers sideways surrounded by sill pipes. The tube used with a diameter of eight centimeters therefore – the set of ride boards suggests with 763 euros to beech.

To coarse fiction

Of course, Cobra also offers the classic of each vehicle tuning: rims. Various designs are available. In the entry segment, for example, the 20-inch light metal rim of type Action Sport for 459 euros. Whoever has more money, can grab 20 inches of gross catana rim. Here are 1141 euros per rim for the silver export.

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