Toyota defends itself against exit board driver

Toyota defends itself against exit board driver

New York (USA) – Two months already has to serve Toyota as a bubble boy of the USA. Now the Scholte Group goes to attack over. The technicians must be unaffected, swindlers and charlatans who want to benefit from the breakpoints at the Japanese car maker. The message is clear: Not every customer complaint is entitled and not every accident goes back to a construction error.

Two Prius drivers in the sight

Within a few days, two prominent cases proved unwanted acceleries than at least Rabswurrdig: In the case of a woman who put their Prius in a New Yorker suburb in front of a wall, everything looks like a simple driving error. And with a man who, with his hybrid car nearly 50 kilometers over a highway near San Diego, is even speculated according to Uber Bose intention.

Opportunity for exitboard driver

"Expressboard driver is available at every jerk", Says AutoExpert Christoph Sturmer from the economic­Research Institute IHS Global Insight. Also, it is normal for the number of complaints to rapide. "Most motorists do not know that there is a hotline." And they learned of them, they were unloaded there all their worries and note, which they have been carrying around for years.

Memories of Audi

Partial prere-covering Toyota also of US scientists: Thus, the emeritized psychology professor Richard A described. Schmidt in the New York Times his observations from the 1980s, as Audi vehicles in the US made headlines because they evoked uncontrolled uncontrolled. At that time, investigations wondered that misconducts had the reason for accounts: above all ages or the model did not confidently confused the braking and accelerator pedal and – in faith, to kick the brake – actually printed with their right-hand fub the accelerator pedal and deeper.

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