Toyota announces cv gearbox with directions

Toyota announces cv gearbox with directions

Toyota expands its drive architecture presented for about one and a half years for the first time "Toyota New Global Architecture" (TNGA), among other things, a new infinitely variable thrust band CV gearbox with directions.

A start-up stage in a stepless transmission is a construction used for cars worldwide for the first time. It allows increased transmission efficiency at low speeds compared to existing CVTs. This is intended to improve the consumption of existing CV-driven by six percent.

With the automated starting stage, Toyota reduces the disadvantage of the conventional CVTs in the efficiency of the other gearbox types, which, among other things, gives itself through energy consumption for hydraulic prere in the cone panels.

Current radio set reduces torque on the thrust member

The upstream gear set takes the high input torque when starting. Since the highest torque acts in this application, the components of the thrust band driving had to be designed for this case so far. The reduced moments can now be reduced the dimension of link tape and taper plates. This also reduces energy effort for hydraulic prere generation. Toyota could reduce the wedge angle of the thrust member band as a by-product. With the smaller cone diameters, this should lead to a 20 percent faster switching speed. In addition, the response increases by the reduced mass carrying. Toyota writes that the driver’s traces.

With the upstream wheel set, the spread of the actual CV transmission could be easily reduced in the interests of efficiently. Nevertheless, the total spreading rises to very good 7.5. The engine can in the sense of better struggles and high fuel efficiency of long and often in areas of low speed.

In addition, Toyota promises a spontaneous approach without the specially in Germany so unloved "rubber band effect". Honda shows with its current Civic, however, however, that you can almost avoid this with a suitably coordinated CV gearbox.

In addition, Toyota announces a manual six-speed manual transmission, a direct injection two-liter gasoline engine, a hybrid system with this new engine as well as all-wheel systems with Torque Vectory. All developments should improve both performance and environmental contractness. The new gearbox should take a connecting role in the new drive device.

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