The sham companies of the cia

The CIA has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in investment and consulting firms, especially in Europe, in a vain attempt to track down Islamic terrorists

After 11.9. a lot of money went into the fight against terrorism and there was a lot of prere on the secret services. This spurred the intelligence imagination, because new things had to be thought up and invested in quickly. The CIA, under prere, not only relied on forcible abductions, secret prisons, and torture, or worked with warlords and friendly authoritarian systems, but also established front companies in Europe and elsewhere to expose Islamist terrorist organizations or arms dealers.

The idea behind the plan, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times, to set up 12 bogus companies that swallowed hundreds of millions of dollars, was simple: to place more agents abroad, disguised as businessmen, as employees of investment or consulting firms. Somehow, it was probably amed that Islamist terrorist groups and their supporters had a lot of money and therefore were happy to accept the services of such companies. And because money makes the world go round, they will be able to get rid of it.

In addition, they complied with the directive of the U.S. president, who wanted 50 percent more foreign missions. And the prere was met that, although it was after the 11.9. there were many applicants for the CIA, but they seemed to drop out quickly if there were no foreign assignments. Half of the camouflage companies were built in Europe from 2002 onwards. This was not the operation in the wild Afghanistan or Iraq, but it was easier and finally one suspected important supporter organizations in Europe. The companies were to serve only as bases, however, and the intelligence operatives were to work from there in other countries under different camouflage. One of the companies was located in Portugal, but the area of operation was North Africa.

Moreover, the search was mainly for the 11.9. for new and creative methods to improve intelligence work. In most cases, intelligence officers have been and continue to be deployed abroad as embassy staff or other government employees. The advantage of this is that they enjoy immunity and are usually only expelled from the country if their cover is blown. However, even before 11.9. with the establishment of front companies. Brewster Jennings Associates, founded in the mid-1990s, was one of these. Her identity was revealed because the White House informed a journalist in 2003 that Valerie Plame was working for them as a covert agent. The White House wanted to use this information against Plame’s husband Joseph C. Wilson, a former ambassador, who had been sent to Niger in 2002 to prove that Iraq was being supplied by the country "Yellowcake" had bought what can be used for the production of atomic bombs. Wilson had exposed the rumors as baseless in an article in The New York Times. This had drawn him the ire of the warmongers, especially Vice President Cheney (Yellowcakegate; Fabricating the Evidence for the Iraq War; Searching the Weapons of Mass Disinformation).

The newly created companies abroad under the NOC program have not achieved any successes. Even within the intelligence community, the expensive project was apparently criticized as a boondoggle. Now, due to lack of results, all the dummy companies have been closed except for two. The reasons are not disclosed by the secret service, one is secret, after all. CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano explained the need to protect officers and operations that protect the U.S. Apparently, even if only money was sunk and the CIA agents lived a nice life without coming into contact with terrorists. As it became known during the abduction of Imam Abu Omar from Milan in 2003, the CIA agents had provided themselves with a comfortable stay in luxury hotels and had certainly insured their actions. Even the spectacular attacks of 11.9., that changed the world were cheap actions. That for terrorist attacks with suicidal people and explosives investment bankers or even large sums of money should be necessary, could owe itself to the limited imagination of the secret services, for which large also means much money.

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