Tesla does not want to accept the bafa prere claim

Tesla does not want to accept the bafa prere claim

Tesla Motors wants to lay out the environmental programs for several hundred builders of his electric cars in Germany, which they should reduce. At the same time, the decision of the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (BAFA) are involved in demanding 4,000 euros high pramy, Tesla explained in the night of Wednesday, the 18. July 2018.

The Federal Office decided not to pay environmental project to buyers of the Tesla Model S, which is their car before the 6. Had acquired Marz 2018. It goes by 800 methods in which the environmental bonus has already been approved – and around 250 others, which were initially influenced and now rejected.

Background is a dispute between the authorities and the US carmaker, whose model S is too expensive in the full-range variant for the commitment of e-pramia. According to the regulations of the BAFA, there is the bonus only for available cars up to a net list price of a maximum of 60.000 EURO. Tesla had first agreed to offer the car without "comfort package" and thus to comply with the price limit. Last fall, the BAFA had then taken the model of the list of non-owners’ own cars, as it had not been relevant in the basic version on the market.

Since then they have been in contact with the Americans to achieve a consensual solution for Tesla customers explained the author now. A deadline until the beginning of July have passed the Group. Therefore, the "backwinding of the purchase program take place".

Tesla denies that the basic version was not available. Everyone in Germany has ordered them "and we delivered such cars to customers". Tesla had previously accused the Federal Government, intentionally putting the price limit for environmental project deeply to exclude manufacturer’s cars. That’s why they have temporarily considered a complaint to the EU Commission – until the agreement has been achieved on a basic version.

The decision of the Federal Office is now unjustified, unfair to the purchasers and contradict the objectives of the call program, criticized Tesla.

The BAFA shared on Tuesday, affected builders of a Tesla S were written by the BAFA in the coming weeks. Customers who bought the car after the deadline could apply for the Pramie. But in addition to the purchase contract, they also have to submit a confirmation, which parts of the comfort program are locked or activated, how the BAFA had already communicated to Marz.

Electric pramia has been applied for at the BAFA since the beginning of July 2016. There are 4000 euros for pure electrodies with battery, for hybrid cars are 3000 euros. The Pramien will be financed for half the federal government and the manufacturer.

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