Suv with sundeck

Suv with sundeck

Erfoud (Morocco) 12. November 2007 – Why is this dust so white? We’re driving over almost black ground. Not only loads of camel droppings, but also lots of sharp-edged stones cover the plain in front of us. We have to keep a distance of at least 80 meters, otherwise we will lose ourselves in the blinding sand fog of the person in front. Our convoy consists of the latest generation of Jeep Cherokees. We are on the road with the 2.8-liter diesel and check whether the Cherokee does justice to the Jeep image and what off-road capabilities it has.

Individual edge

The new Cherokee is of course a Jeep at first glance. The classic grille sifts the air through seven slots. Together with the now smooth front apron and the clear glass cover of the lamps, it forms a unit. The front lights are still round, but thanks to the angular cover they fit better with the overall appearance of the car and optically remove it even more from the Jeep entry-level Compass model – which is only a good thing. Otherwise: high shoulder line, fender flares in body color, air inlet slots on the sides of the ends of the bonnet – angular, angular, powerful. The Cherokee stands out from the crowd of SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles).

More civil look

The full spare wheel at the rear was replaced by a spare wheel under the rear. Since a bike housed in this way could easily be damaged when driving through difficult terrain, this would be absurd in a real off-roader. However, this is quite common with off-road SUVs. Direct competing models such as Land Rover Freelander, Honda CR-V and Hyundai Santa Fe are also on the road without the rough button at the end of the car. This diminution definitely benefits the appearance of the rear end.

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