No₂: city air became cleaner in 2019

NO₂: City air became cleaner in 2019

In 2019, in 25 German cities, the quality limit of 40 micrograms NO₂ per cubic meter air (μg / m³) was exceeded in the annual. The year before, there were still 57 Cities, the Federal Ministry of Environment said to submit the final data from the Messnets of the Federal Landers for 2019. The first data for 2020 showed that it gives by the restrictions in the course of the Corona pandemic in some places another random of the NO₂ loads by up to 40 percent. An effect that has already been registered from high above.

Nitrogen oxides in the city are mainly due to the strain traffic, including above all by diesel cars. The NO₂ annual limit value is exchanged for busy straws in metropolitan areas and attributes, the Federal Ministry of Environment is made. At 20 percent of all traffic measures exceeded the NO₂ concentrations in 2019 the limit of 40 μg / m³ in the annual agent; In 2018 it was 42 percent.

Minister is not enough

In the annual tool, the NO₂ values were around 4 μg / m³ of transportation stations under those of the year 2018. As the reason for lower emissions, the Ministry of Tempolimits, driving bans and the use of polluted buses. There are also software updates for cars, receivables in the immediate program "Clean air 2017-2020" as well as the renewal of the vehicle fleet with passenger cars, which also had low no₂ values in real operation. Also influence the weather the spread of air pollutants.

The list of NO₂-aged assets in the city leads to Munchen, Darmstadt and Stuttgart. 2018 striked the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) that around 12.860 premature death trap in Germany are related to nitrogen oxide. A number that stops the Prasident of the German Society for Working and Environmental Medicine, Hans Drexler for Terrified. Last year, a hundred pulmonary resource said, the limits for air pollutants were too sharp; The criticism should be based on computational errors.

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze says, the previous arrangements of the federal government, countries and municipalities were not enough to comply with the EU limit for no₂. She demands cleaner vehicles and a fundamental mobility turn.

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