Graalvm 20.3 lays the focus on performance improvement

Graalvm 20.3 lays the focus on performance improvement

Oracle has published a new update of the Graalvm. The update of Virtual Machine (VM) designed on extensive language independence brings innovations for the programming language Java and fixes smaller problems with JavaScript. The focus is on the performance increase of reduced storage requirements.

New for Java

The current version brings news for the Java community: the start time of Java workloads with short iterations by eliminating or galvanizing the shop of classes (Class Loading) of the Graalvm library Libgraal was carried out. For the enterprise variant of the VM, the update brings, among other things, a revised code generated when re-assigned arrays. This should be corrected by performance problems.

The community version of the GraalVM is based on the OpenJDK versions 1.8th.0_727 and 11.0.9. Oracles Enterprise Version of Graalvm attacks the Oracles JDK version 1.8th.0_271 and 11.0.9 Back. Clear information about these versions can be found in the relevant release Notes.

Native Images and Tooling

The developer team behind Graalvm has worked on a better container awareness under Linux with native image code. For this purpose, resource limits (processor number, storage grooves) from the configurations of CGROUP V1 and V2 are to be read. The number of processors can be used via the command line with the option -xx: ActiveProcessorCount = check. In addition, the update brings improved support for the isolated compilation that separates applications and runtime compilers. The goal is to improve performance by interfering between them (Z. B. Garbage Collection) are reduced.

The GraAlVM extension for Visual Studio Code has been enriched for more tooling functions. In addition to syntax emphasis, the code completion is payable for Java. In addition, the update integrates the Java debugger with translated functions and implements a Micronaut extension for VS code.

Graalvm 20.3 also providing innovation to improve performance. In addition, the developer team behind Graalvm has worked on a reducing memory requirement. In addition to several new engine flags, the current version brings further assets. The LLVM toolchain for Graalvm was on LLVM 10.0 updated. For the programming language JavaScript, the update mainly fixes minor problems and updates the support for node.JS on version 12.18.4. Cleaner information about version 20.3 can be found in the release notes and on Github.

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