Experts consider decapitation video ban of terrorist caliph unlikely

"Walk of Shame" in Libya

Over the weekend, several international media reported that the terrorist caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had ordered that in the future beheading videos should no longer be produced and posted on the Internet, because these children could die. The origin of this news was an article in the Middle East Eye, referring to the portal All4Syria, which claims to have received the information from a source in the terrorist caliphate.

Experts believe such a decree is theoretically possible, but unlikely: Quill er Foundation terrorism researcher Charlie Winter, Belgian historian Pieter von Ostaeyen and jihadology founder Aaron Zelin have so far been unable to find evidence of it, despite an intensive search.

The Washington Post also refers to Hassan Hassan, an IS expert working for the London-based think tank Chatham House, who believes in a silent-post effect that could be traced back to a letter in which the caliph centralizes control over the terror group’s video outpost more strongly. This is also possibly to protect against information leaking out to Auben that could be militarily damaging to the caliphate. To avoid that, the terror group reportedly raided Internet cafes in the quasi-caliphate capital of ar-Raqqa on Sunday and called for them to strengthen their Wi-Fi access controls within four days.

The fact that the youth protection report is a duck is also indicated by a video published on Friday, in which a boy of about ten years in camouflage clothing prints a relatively small knife on the neck of a bound prisoner from behind and then holds the severed head into the camera. The severing process is not visible (at least in the widespread catch of the video), which could be due to the fact that it takes quite a long time with such a small knife and requires a relatively large amount of force, which is why the boy may have received help from an adult IS terrorist.

experts consider beheading video ban of terrorkalif unlikely

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In a video released on 4. July, 25 child terrorists execute 25 prisoners with neck shots in the city of Palmyra, which IS captured in May. In other clips, the IS had recently presented ever new cruel execution methods: Slow drowning in a cafe, blowing off heads in rows, and burning them. It is not clear whether the 94 fast-breakers, who drank or ate during the daytime hours of Ramadan, survived their crucifixion and the 70 lashes administered to them.

Meanwhile, in the Libyan city of Derna, a jihadist group rivaling IS loved to march a captured IS terrorist naked and beaten to his gallows, where he was hanged. A punishment reminiscent of the finale of the fifth season of the series Game of Thrones, as noticed, among others, the Jerusalem Post. Whether the Libyan jihadists love to be inspired by this is not known – but also the "Walk of Shame" is not without historical precedents.

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