Electric cars: enbw shows the loading of the future

Electric cars: EnBW shows the loading of the future

With a "Charging park" In Rutesheim near Stuttgart, the energy supplier EnBW demonstrates how he introduces the loading of electric cars in the future. The station is located near the Motorway Cross Stuttgart on the high of Leonberg, is publicly accessible and overded. The cars can be loaded with a capacity of up to 300 kW with the connections CCS, Chademo and Type 2 – with specially developed comfortable cable guidance, as EnBW emphasized.

All charging points are completely supplied with green electricity. The roof of the park is equipped with a photovoltaic system, which feeds into the local electricity grid and supplied with energy the location itself. Payment is with the EnBW Mobility app+.


That "Roof provides protection against the weather and a welcoming lighting as well as video monitoring ensure safe feeling in the dark", announced EnBW . In addition, the charging park is equipped with a public WLAN. So far, it offers eight charging points, but it is modular and can be doubled to up to 16 charging points.

Electric cars: EnBW shows the loading of the future

From afar, the electric tank station looks like a common.

EnBW plans to expand its nationwide around 450 fast loading locations by 2021 on Uber 1000. "State-of-the-art fast loading locations form the strategic focus on further expansion", shared the company. Overall, EnBW operates well 100 in six European countries.000 charging points.

Electric cars in Germany

Volkswagen has been returning since September 2020 with the ID.3 the first electrical car of its coarse offensive on the e-sector.

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