China’s millennia

China's millennia


Know the big city in the world? It is Chongqing, in China. Around 28 million people live there. The houses seem to pull horny from horizon to horizon. This also applies to many other million towns of the country. The architectural photographer HG Esch has met China’s city at many orders and now present views of city with more than fun millions. He has sought for some viewpoints each. From there, only the Luckless Hausermener can be seen many times. Dunst and Smog protrude the highest skyscrapers. Immediately the impression of threading narrow.

China's millennia


The prevailing direction is on the pictures "up" – much different can hardly create room. The difference between the individual city is difficult, for the buildings prevail on very similar conditions. The view sweeps on the one hand full of fascination over the huge concrete areas. On the other hand, questions come on how it lives on so small space – and how dramatically the city will look comfortable with unrestrained growth in one or two decades. dpa /

Cities Unknown – China’s Movetry Hans-Georg Esch Quadriga 180 pages, 49,99 Euro ISBN 978-3-86995-029-7
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