Corona: moderna announces vaccine against omikron

The Omikron variant is available in Germany . Even though there are still no confirmed results on the effects of the more than 30 mutations on the spike protein: Experts like Karl Lauterbach and Christian Drosten are concerned that B.1.1.529 the Vaccine protection could bypass.

Moderna president Stephen Hoge has now announced to the Reuters news agency that it intends to adapt its company's vaccine. Thus, efficacy against the Omikron variant be ensured. However, Hoge said the Anpang will take at least three to four months: "The Omikron-specific boosters won't realistically come until March and maybe more likely in the second quarter."

The manufacturers of mRNA vaccines such as Biontech or just Moderna had already announced in the past that they could adapt their vaccines relatively quickly to new variants due to the novel mRNA technique. Hamilton Bennett, director of vaccine access at Moderna, spoke of around 100 days until a new vaccine could be available.


Coca-cola to test paper bottles starting this summer

For many, Coke from the glass bottle simply tastes best. But while there has been debate in the past about whether the drink should be canned, glass or plastic, a new container is now being planned that has nothing in common with the three: Coca-Cola Europe wants a Bottle made of paper test.

With the testing of a paper bottle prototype in Europe, the company wants to get closer to its "global vision" of achieving a "world without waste," according to the Coca-Cola press release. The paper bottle is said to have been developed as part of a partnership between The Paper Bottle Company (Paboco) and scientists at the Coca-Cola research and development labs created in Brussels.

New Coca-Cola bottles: Container is made of paper – and plastic

In the case of Paboco The technology developed by the company is used to produce bottles from sustainable wood with a special coating made from "biobased material," which in principle is 100 percent recyclable, as explained in the press release. Liner and lid of current prototype are made of plastic, he said. However, the goal is to develop a bottle that can be completely recycled like paper.


Wistful farewell to st. Vincent

Farewell is in the air, melancholy and sadness. Julia Tolle (37), nurse, speaks for all: "Now it's finally over, we have to say goodbye." Yes, as in the cemetery be the mood.

On Saturday evening, around 100 employees bid farewell to the place and the building that had once been half their lives: the St. Vincent Hospital, which closed at the end of the year. Vincent Hospital. There's nothing to be happy about, and a certain gallows humor doesn't help either.

Black balloons with personal wishes now rise into the night sky over Braunschweig. They are all looking for a new professional future. For the highly qualified nursing staff of St. The chances are very good for St. Vincent, because there is a nursing shortage.