Last speech in the bundestag: how merkel surprised everyone

It is probably the most remarkable change of strategy we have seen in this election campaign. However, it comes from none of the three candidates for chancellor, but from the Chancellor.

For a long time, Angela Merkel refused to take a position with regard to the battle for her succession. Apart from a rather dutiful participation in the CDU/CSU campaign kick-off at Berlin's Tempodrom, there was not a word from her on who she thought would be best to inherit her 16 years as chancellor. So clear was her Silence, that the first jokes were already circulating in Berlin about not knowing whether Merkel would even vote for the CDU.

Merkel is enthusiastic about Laschet after all

But since a few days everything is different. In the last few meters, Merkel seems to have discovered her enthusiasm for the CDU/CSU candidate for chancellor, Armin Laschet, after all – or even the need to campaign for him. She appeared with him several times in the past few days, sometimes during a joint visit to the Flooded area, then at an event held by the CDU and CSU on Monday at party headquarters in Berlin, where the CDU/CSU's new digital agenda was presented.


22.5 Million for fire protection research in braunschweig, germany

22.5 Million for fire protection research in braunschweig, germany

The fact that Braunschweig, through the Technical University, not only plays in the upper league in German and European fire protection research, but is even a leader in many areas, is hardly anchored in the public's consciousness. The building was once used for research into the joint behavior of concrete and steel in the event of a fire. Reinforced concrete is currently an indispensable composite material in the construction industry.

The fact that internationally respected fire protection research is being carried out in Braunschweig could, however, become more of a focus in the future. The federal government (8 million euros) and, above all, the state of Lower Saxony, with a cost share of around two-thirds, are now investing a total of 22.49 million euros in a center for fire research on the TU East Campus on Beethovenstrasse.

On Tuesday, in the presence of Science and Culture Minister Bjorn Thumler and Lord Mayor Ulrich Markurth, the groundbreaking ceremony at the site on the northeastern Ringgleis took place. In 2022, the building should be ready for operation and then "hopefully with a big celebration" be handed over to its intended purpose – as minister, OB and the president of the TU, Prof. Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla, emphasized. Corona police officers kept the required distance during the inspection of the construction site.


0:2 – Eintracht braunschweig without a chance in magdeburg

0:2 - Eintracht braunschweig without a chance in magdeburg

That was nothing! Eintracht Braunschweig has won the top match against 1. FC Magdeburg lost 0:2 (0:2) on Saturday afternoon. An early double strike brought the team of Michael Schiele on the loser road. The home team from Saxony-Anhalt played as if it had never had a Corona forced break.

Trailing at halftime is justified – Eintracht Braunschweig plays awkwardly

Despite the ping-pong soccer of both teams at the beginning, it quickly became apparent that the better start belonged to the home side. In 50-50 action, many balls tended to bounce in the direction of the Blue and Whites, but they earned this in the course of the game with a mature footballing display. Eintracht acted too awkwardly, repeatedly allowed passes into the cut and behind the chain and consequently fell behind.

Leon Bell Bell finished from the back of the sixteen for Magdeburg's lead (13.). Earlier, Lasse Schluter had been nibbled by Jason Ceka. And also the 0:2 from Eintracht's point of view was deserved. Iba May, rotated into the starting eleven for Jomaine Consbruch, needlessly played a risky cross in front of the opponent's penalty area that Robin Kraube failed to reach. At the end of the FCM changeover game Baris Atik stood and scored, which made Jasmin Fejzic angry (26.)


Cdu completely restructures its leadership – without women?

If there is a connection between the future of the CDU and the rings under the eyes of Secretary General Paul Ziemiak, then things will be bad for the old people's party. Armin Laschet, the party leader, will not be explaining the plan to save the CDU this Monday; he will send Ziemiak ahead of him. What the secretary-general then explains with a weary look is the roadmap for a long hanging party. In the end, there should be a completely newly elected party leadership.

It is Monday afternoon, 14.3 p.m., two weeks after the Bundestag elections. Deep in western Berlin, the explorers from the SPD, the Greens and the FDP are sitting together at this time of the day. They want to clarify discreetly and quickly by the end of the week whether there can be coalition negotiations for a traffic light alliance. A few kilometers further east, in the Konrad Adenauer House, this morning's party leadership of the CDU assembled.

The contrasts could not be greater: There three parties, negotiating in a sorted and confident manner, delivering images of unity. Here's the former chancellor's party, the once well-oiled power machine that, after the Election disaster stands there as a redevelopment case. The only conceivable government option – it has disappeared behind the horizon, Jamaica is only a mirage at the moment. Ziemiak's roadmap is not likely to change that fact. On the contrary.


Road closure for hunting between lehre and flechtorf

Road closure for hunting between lehre and flechtorf

Lower Saxony Forestry Office in Wolfenbuttel will hunt on Monday, 8. November, the Beienrod wood with doctrine. Since during the cross-hatching Movement hunting suddenly game or hounds can run over the road, the circle road 38 between Lehre and Flechtorf in both directions to the security for the road users will be locked. The closure is valid in the time from 9.30 to 13.30 o'clock.

The forestry office appeals to all Road users on the K 58 between Lehre and Boimstorf and the K 38 between Flechtorf and Beienrode, which run along and through the hunting area, with special attention to drive and to pay attention to game and hunting dogs.

Wild boar population to be kept low

Head of the forestry office Andreas Baderschneider explains the Urgency of hunting: "Hunting across hunting grounds is necessary to keep game populations in line with agricultural, forestry and conservation concerns. At the same time, we want to keep the total population of wild boar as low as possible to prevent further possible spread of the African swine fever the vaccine in Germany. We ask all road users for their understanding for the short-term road closure."


“Hoch olaf”: spd election campaign kick-off with perfect timing

He says this "moment" must be seized now. "Pass on what can be felt here, a new dawn is possible," exclaims Olaf Scholz to his supporters. 43 days before the Bundestag election, the bells rang SPD and their candidate for chancellor on Saturday in bright sunshine in Bochum the "hot phase" of their campaign in.

"Hoch Olaf" is no longer an illusion, nor is it any more social-democratic expedient optimism. Slowly, the political tide is turning in favor of the comrades. In several renowned polling institutes, their party ranks at 18 or 19 percent, only slightly behind the Greens. The result of four years, 20.5 percent, is repeatable.

The Union despairs of its candidate, the Greens are treading water – of the three candidates for chancellor, Scholz feels the most comprehensible tailwind. From next week the election documents go out. In the second half of August, a significant number of the Voters have voted by letter. The SPD timing is perfect.


Trump announcessuit against facebook, twitter and co. To

Former U.S. President Donald Trump intends to take legal action against the ban from the online platforms Facebook and Twitter Fight back. Donald Trump announced Wednesday at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, a Class action ("class action lawsuit") against corporate bosses Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Dorsey to. Google boss Sundar Pichai is also to be hauled before the judge. He is responsible for the video channel YouTube, Trump is persona non grata there, too.

What happened to him as a result of the blocking was "un-American" and "destroys our country" because it violates the right to free speech enshrined in the Constitution, Trump said at a press conference. He demanded the immediate restoration of his accounts. He is supported in this by the lobby group "America First Policy Institute," which continues to promote his policies to the best of its ability even after his election defeat last November. His former minister Linda McMahon sits on the board of directors.

Trump profiles blocked for inciting violence

The class action tool allows Trump to sue as a leader on behalf of third parties who also feel unjustly censored by the Internet giants based on political considerations. aut Trump concerned it around "tens of thousands". On Twitter, Trump, who had 80 million "followers" there, is banned for life. Facebook ruled in June that the 45. President of the United States cannot post anything until at least January 2023.


A heavy damper for new cdu leader armin laschet

The Konrad Adenauer House is in a hangover mood. In the hall of the CDU party headquarters in Berlin's Tiergarten district, has gathered only a small group of journalists. Here, where employees and party officials have already celebrated many an election victory, no one from the party celebrities is to be seen this evening. This is not only due to the Corona conditions. For the CDU there is no reason to cheer.

It is at Gen Paul Ziemiak, to comment on the defeats of the Christian Democrats in Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Wurttemberg. "This is not a good election night for the CDU," he says: "We would have wished for better results." But he sees the cause in. There was no mood of change there, he said: "In the crisis, people trust the incumbent heads of government."

State elections: Losses for CDU were predictable

The losses did not come as a surprise to the CDU: even before the mask affair involving two Union parliamentarians who enriched themselves by brokering contracts with protective equipment, things were not looking good for the CDU in either federal state. But now in Baden-Wurttemberg it is likely to be even from the Government The CDU/CSU is flying in the face of a crisis in which it has recently become a mere junior partner. Of all places, the CDU has suffered a historic defeat in the southwest, which has long been in deep black and whose state parliament results have always been above the national average.


Israel: is the anti-netanyahu coalition coming now??

Shortly before the deadline for forming a government next Wednesday, there are indications that the parties in Israel an unusual coalition of partly ultra-right, partly left-liberal parties – to replace the right-wing conservative prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The leader of the ultra-right Jamina party, Naftali Bennett, said Sunday in Jerusalem that he would do everything possible to forge an alliance with opposition leader Jair Lapid of the Future Party. According to media reports, the goal is a rotation in the office of prime minister: First, ex-defense minister Bennett is to take it over for two years, then it would be Lapid's turn.

If such a government does materialize, the Netanyahu era would be over. The now 71-year-old has been prime minister since 2009. The politician previously headed the government in the second half of the 1990s.