Wagenknecht on her political exit: “i had a burn-out”

Wagenknecht on her political exit: 'i had a burn-out'

Berlin Much had been speculated about why left-wing faction leader Sahra Wagenknecht announced her departure from top politics. Now the 50-year-old has spoken out about the reasons – and more clearly than ever before.

"Yes, I had a burnout," she told the magazine "Super Illu". She was on sick leave for two months – and got a clear message from the doctor, she says. "The doctor said to me in no uncertain terms: you can't go on like this!"

Sahra Wagenknecht: "I have more energy again"

Wagenknecht, who turned 50 on Tuesday, had announced in the spring that she would retire from leading the parliamentary group. She had given health reasons, but without going into detail. Wagenknecht said at the time that she no longer wanted to subject herself to a "certain degree of constant stress".


Emergency department aims to shorten wait times

Emergency department aims to shorten wait times

In response to the increasing number of emergency patients, the Municipal Hospital has transformed its former Central Emergency Department with short-stay emergency ward on Salzdahlumer Strabe into an independent clinic for emergency medicine and general internal medicine. Chief physician is Dr. Christoph Haedicke, who has already led the emergency department as head department physician since 2012.

More staff and faster doctor contact to shorten waiting times from autumn. A specialist will also carry out an initial assessment in non-urgent cases and explain the further procedure to the patient in the emergency room.

Until now, a specially trained nurse alone had the task of classifying patients into groups for treatment according to urgency (triage system).


One in seven die before reaching retirement age

Everyone Seventh in Germany last year before reaching the statutory retirement age died. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior in response to a question from the Left Party in the Bundestag, 14.4 percent of all those who died in 2019 were under 65. This was about 136.000 people. The response of the federal government is available to our editorial team.

If the statutory retirement age were already 67 today, the proportion of those who die before retirement would be as high as 17.0 percent, or one-sixth. A total of about 159 died in 2019.000 people under 67. The ministry refers to figures from the Federal Statistical Office.

The Left Party's social expert Sabine Zimmermann criticized that "the higher the retirement age, the fewer people ever get to enjoy their pensions," which is why "the standard age limit must be lowered again to 65".


Luca app gets a major makeover – and a new name

Luca app to curb Corona pandemic is set to get better. At least that's what the developers have set out to do, and a "comprehensive update" promised: In the future, the doctors of the health offices are to warn of an infection event via the app in different gradations, announced on Thursday Patrick Hennig announced the managing director of Culture4Life GmbH.

Currently, app users only receive a general alert when a health department accesses a person's Luca data. The application is also getting a new name, albeit only slightly modified: In the future, it will be known as "Luca+" be available in the app stores.

Luca app: comprehensive update with new features

According to executive director Hennig, the new version is already being used with Health offices in Hamburg, Munich, Hanover, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Augsburg and North Friesland. Health departments would be supported by differentiated Warnings and benefit from higher data quality.


Alexej nawalnys: he was apparently poisoned in the hotel

The Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny According to his team, is already in the Hotel Been poisoned in the Siberian city of Tomsk. There had been a water bottle on which traces of the poison Novichok were later detected, the text to a video distributed on Thursday on Nawalny's Instagram account said.

In a video posted on YouTube on Thursday evening, Georgy Alburov, who works at Navalny's anti-corruption foundation, described further circumstances of the crime. He and other associates of poisoned Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny were among the people who searched his hotel room after the crime was committed. There they were looking for evidence of the attack on the Russian opposition figure.

Alexej Nawalny: Poisoning probably already in the hotel

"The bottle was probably not the source of the poison," Alburov said. "Navalny only drank from it, then later traces of the poison were found on the bottle."


Eintracht captain bernd nehrig is already injured again

Eintracht captain bernd nehrig is already injured again

And again the captain is missing. Bernd Nehrig will not be available for Eintracht Braunschweig's home game against KFC Uerdingen on Saturday (2 p.m., Eintracht Stadium). The midfielder tore a muscle fiber in his calf during training on Thursday.

This adds a chapter to the veteran's injury history this season. Since his Achilles tendon injury in March, the 33-year-old has had to cope with repeated health setbacks and is therefore only able to perform at 100 percent sporadically. "This is a very unsatisfactory situation for everyone, but especially for Bernd. He always makes himself available and wants to help the team, but is rushing from one injury to the next at the moment," Eintracht coach Marco Antwerpen said at the pre-match press conference on Friday.

But he also had some good news to announce. Marc Pfitzner and Danilo Wiebe are available again. One of them could fill the gap that Nehrig leaves in the central midfield of the Lions. It is probably Pfitzner who will slide into the starting eleven for the captain. He had already played in the last home game against the 1. FC Kaiserslautern played from the beginning and showed a good performance. In the bitter 3-1 defeat in Wurzburg, however, he was absent due to adductor problems. "We are glad that Pfitze is back in the game. We saw against FCK how important it can be for us. He played a big part in making sure we stood stable in this game," says Antwerpen.