Car manufacturer give more discount – highest estate at e-cars

Car manufacturer give more discount - highest estate at e-cars

On the German car market, the prices for the end users fall. According to the regular discount study of the Duisburg Car Institute, Handler and manufacturers have filmed in July at all available screws for price-breaking. The lowered VAT focused mainly on Internet offer prices 30 popular models, which were offered on average 22.5 percent below the list price. Also love trade and car makers more cars on their own account to market them immediately at lower prices.

Very small E cars are scarce

The widespread offers of one "gifted" VAT were often offset against existing price reductions, describe Ferdinand Dudenhoffer Study Manager a typical approach to marketing departments. That "gift" therefore modest for carriage such as the Opel Astra (plus 2.2 points) or Renault Captur (plus 2 points). An exception forming VW with additional price reductions above 5 percentage points for three gear models.

The highest discounts to about to half the list price (Skoda Citigo E / Smart EQ Fortwo) are currently available in electric cars, because the state subsidy has risen to 6000 euros per car. There are also 3000 euros manufacturer subsidy and more price advantages. This was especially important in very small electric cars to such a high demand that it gives supply botta and delivery stops, it is called in the study. At the market share of the E-cars, the high subsidies but little, Dudenhoffer stuck.

Production is not busy

The significantly higher self-inflation rate of almost 27 percent indicate not busy production capacity, concluded the study. With an improvement in the coming months, hardly be expected because the Corona crisis is deprived of European consumers of purchasing power, Dudenhoffer explained. He therefore expect for the coming months with further rising discounts for new cars.

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