Didavi: … I almost laughed!

Didavi: ... I almost laughed!

When Daniel Didavi suffered his knee injury, things weren't looking so bad at VfL Wolfsburg. After three games, the "Wolves" were undefeated in the Bundesliga and had five points under their belt. But then came the game against Dortmund. VfL not only lost 1:5, but with Didavi also lost its most creative and dangerous player, because he once again had to have knee surgery. Since then, only one (!) counter added.

The diagnosis: Torn meniscus, several weeks break. And Didavi? The was not shocked because of the renewed failure. "This was no big deal now. When the doctors said that I would be able to train again in four or five weeks, I almost laughed. I've experienced so much in the meantime, almost nothing can shock me anymore."

Because no injury can throw the 26-year-old off track so quickly. The memories of missing almost two years of work in Stuttgart because of cartilage damage are too strong for him. "That was clearly harder for me," he says therefore.

Now he has fought his way back, once again taken the neck blow, shook off the pain and started the race to catch up. He is now ready again for the game against Freiburg. How long the strength will last, is not yet foreseeable. "I was completely out for four weeks, but have been back in training for two weeks. There are still a few percent missing. I can therefore also imagine coming off the bench."But VfL is dependent on Didavi's services, because with Julian Draxler yesterday again an offensive player has said goodbye to the lazaretto.

The club wants to get out of the relegation zone as quickly as possible. Just like the 26-year-old left-footer, who knows a lot about the fight to stay in the league. Unfortunately… He says: "The longer you're down in it, the harder it gets. But we should simply talk less and perform better." These are the most important basic virtues when it comes to class preservation. This is exactly the kind of situation he never wanted to get into again when he left VfB in the summer.

That's why he says, "I'd have to be lying if I said it wasn't a problem for me. I didn't switch to be in the relegation battle again now. I wanted to take the next step and play internationally. Therefore there's now certainly people in Stuttgart who feel Schadenfreude."But Didavi is not whining around, he accepts the dicey situation and wants to write positive headlines again starting tomorrow.

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