Wolfenbuttel-based ostfalia develops special cooking app

Wolfenbuttel-based ostfalia develops special cooking app

Even seemingly simple tasks consist of several sub-steps that must be put in the right order. It becomes obvious when people with congenital or acquired brain damage, for example with Down syndrome or after a traumatic brain injury, have difficulty with complex sequences of actions, according to a statement from Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences. The facility offers assistance with a RehaGoal app it developed, he said. This leads step by step through complex activities.

It is part of the interdisciplinary "SmarteInclusion" project, which is researching how smartphones and smartwatches can be used in vocational integration, it said. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Especially in the time of the lockdown, the app developed in the team of scientists Professor Sandra Verena Muller (Social Work) and ProfessorIna Schiering (Computer Science) was able to prove its added value for users, says Ostfalia.

Added value of app has become clear in times of pandemic

"The situation caused by the Covid 19 pandemic has, among other things, also severely affected the participants of our cooperation partner, the specialist service for vocational integration of the DRK Wolfenbuttel," Muller is quoted as saying. The aim of the specialist service for vocational integration (FbE), headed by Uwe Rump-Kahl, is to bring people with intellectual disabilities into the primary labor market. Due to the pandemic and the associated safety measures, many participants would have lost their internships, would have had to take a break or would not have been able to start planned internships. Under these circumstances, the added value of the RehaGoal app has become clear.

That's how the idea came about, he says, for an initial three participants who wanted to pursue a career in the restaurant industry to cook for their families over three weeks in their home offices with the help of the app. Without the support of a job coach, but with the help of the RehaGoal app, they successfully worked their way through recipes, some of which were complex. For the participants, a feeling of independence was created, the families were relieved and were spoiled with tasty food, it says. The idea arose to compile a cookbook from the successfully cooked recipes for re-cooking via the RehaGoal app.

Data protection and privacy are taken into account

The "SmarteInclusion" research project is embedded in the research focus "SecuRIn," Security Reference Model Industry 4.0. Especially in a therapeutic setting, users would need to be sure their sensitive data was protected. Data protection and privacy would have to be taken into account already in the development process. Info: www.smarte-inklusion.de

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