Wagenknecht on her political exit: “i had a burn-out”

Wagenknecht on her political exit: 'i had a burn-out'

Berlin Much had been speculated about why left-wing faction leader Sahra Wagenknecht announced her departure from top politics. Now the 50-year-old has spoken out about the reasons – and more clearly than ever before.

"Yes, I had a burnout," she told the magazine "Super Illu". She was on sick leave for two months – and got a clear message from the doctor, she says. "The doctor said to me in no uncertain terms: you can't go on like this!"

Sahra Wagenknecht: "I have more energy again"

Wagenknecht, who turned 50 on Tuesday, had announced in the spring that she would retire from leading the parliamentary group. She had given health reasons, but without going into detail. Wagenknecht said at the time that she no longer wanted to subject herself to a "certain degree of constant stress".

Wagenknecht will not run again in the new election for the leadership of the parliamentary group in the fall. Until then, she remains co-chair alongside Dietmar Bartsch.

How it should go on when she is no longer at the head of the Left Party? Wagenknecht is relaxed about that, she says. "I'm already leading a different life," she told the "Super Illu". The constant attacks and frictions have largely ceased. She has much more energy again and has rarely been so happy as today.

Her husband Oskar Lafontaine also has to do with this. "I live in a wonderful relationship that gives me a lot of support and strength, you can't buy that for any money in the world," said Wagenknecht. (dpa/sdo)

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