Verkehrs-gmbh strike: passengers have to wait

Verkehrs-gmbh strike: passengers have to wait

The collective bargaining conflict at the Lower Saxony public transport companies ensured on Monday that buses and trains of the Verkehrs-GmbH were overcrowded at times. Not all passengers could be carried in the morning hours.

The union is demanding an increase in Christmas bonuses, but the employers are refusing to do so. Verdi is now striking the Verkehrs-GmbH workshops for buses and trains. Accident damage or technical defects will not be repaired this week.

In order to have a vehicle reserve, the Verkehrs-GmbH has put the vacation timetable into effect one week before the fall vacations. Fewer buses and trains run, although students still have to go to school.

"We had suspected that there would be bottlenecks," says Verkehrs-GmbH spokesman Christopher Graffam. "The vacation timetable ames that 20,000 students will not travel to school in the morning. That's why we use fewer buses and trains. We're doing that now, too. But the students are still on the road." In the time from 7 to 8 o'clock, then commuter and school traffic mix, the load is highest, he says. Graffam: "Especially on the ring lines 419 and 429, where the 10-minute interval was replaced by a 15-minute interval, there were standstills. The buses were so full that no one could get on."

Until Friday inclusive, the Verkehrs-GmbH could not use any additional buses: "If you have to be on time in the morning, you should go by bike."

Graffam reminds: "The vacation schedule applies exclusively to the Verkehrs-GmbH. Line 560, which runs through Lamme, for example, is not affected. The 560 is operated by the Peiner Verkehrsgesellschaft and runs on a normal timetable."

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