Vacations in corona risk areas: virus protection is different

Next Monday it will be exactly half a year ago that in Germany the first Corona case was proven. On 27. January, the virus was first detected in a man from the Munich area. The 33-year-old had caught the bug from a colleague, who was from China had traveled.

At that time, no one had any idea how much the life in Germany few weeks later by the highly infectious pathogen would be dominated. The danger was new, so was dealing with it.

Corona on vacation: the virus travels with us

Today is different. According to World Health Organization Around the world, the virus has spread to about 630 countries.000 people fell victim. More than 9,000 were tested in Germany alone. The threat posed by Corona is almost ubiquitous, with some countries more affected by the pandemic than ours.

That's also something to keep in mind when choosing a vacation destination this summer. The Virus travels with. Mostly it has spread even before at the vacation resort.

High-risk areas are not for vacationers

All the more disturbing when Holidaymaker who believe they can relax in a high-risk area. The thought of having to go into domestic quarantine for 14 days after returning to Germany has nothing relaxing about it. Unless you do not comply with this rule anyway and go after his usual everyday life after returning home.

The summer vacations hold a special danger in this respect. The irresponsible actions of a few infected holidaymakers are enough to turn entire regions into hotbeds of infection. A renewed Lockdown can be the result. In the end, it affects many.

Corona test at airport should be mandatory

This was a danger that the Minister of Health from the federal and state governments. On Friday, they agreed to set up stations for Corona tests directly at the airports. There, returnees from risk areas should be able to get tested – free of charge and voluntarily.

There is no obligation to take a smear test. This is absurd. After all, how is the virus to be effectively combated if its detection works more or less on the pleasure principle? Who in Corona-Risk areas Vacation makes, brings from there a risk back to Germany.

Therefore, it is not an act of goodwill Infection and thus to exclude a danger to others. It should be mandatory – and also for vacationers returning here by car, train or ship from risk areas.

Corona management raises questions

In any case, the Corona crisis management of the policy in relation to the vacation season questions on. The summer travel season has been going on for weeks now. It began with the Whitsun vacations in Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg, followed by the major vacations in several other German states.

Nevertheless, it is only now being settled how Corona protection to run during the travel season. It had been foreseeable for a long time what problems would arise. A lot of time has been wasted.

Corona warning app does not work properly

In addition, the much-praised Corona warning app is proving to be less than effective these days. Certainly, technical innovations rarely work without incident from day one. Hardly anyone expects it. Nevertheless, it took weeks before it was determined that the app would only serve its purpose on certain Android smartphones with certain user settings.

Weeks can pass in a Pandemic is known to be a long time. Neither with

the impression of having full control over the monitoring of the infection process. Germany is stumbling through the pandemic right now. This is not a sustainable state of affairs. Because it costs trust.

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