Truck hits cyclist while turning – 63-year-old dead

Truck hits cyclist while turning - 63-year-old dead

A 63 year old female cyclist is in Twistringen (district Diepholz) by a turning truck seized and fatally injured Been. The woman was so badly injured in the accident that she died on the scene, police said Friday. The woman had the right of way.

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According to the report, the 63-year-old was riding her e-bike on a bike path along a road heading out of town on Friday morning when the 37-year-old truck driver tried to turn his vehicle out of a junction onto the road heading into town, crossing the bike path in the process. In the collision recorded the right front tire of the truck the woman. It was trapped under the vehicle. Rescue workers could no longer help the woman. The truck driver was not injured.

Truck in flames after accident – Highway 27 closed for hours

A truck has been damaged after an accident on the Highway 27 near Schwanewede (Osterholz district) burst into flames. The freeway in the direction of Cuxhaven was closed for hours from early Friday afternoon for the extinguishing and recovery work. There were severe traffic obstructions, as a police spokesman said in the afternoon. Temporary the traffic was backed up for 15 kilometers. The closure between the Schwanewede and Uthlede junctions north of Bremen was expected to last until midnight – possibly even into the early hours of Saturday morning. The police recommended that the accident site be widely bypassed.

According to initial findings, the 35-year-old truck driver with his tractor-trailer was for a cause as yet unknown The vehicle, which was not involved in the accident, left the road to the right and crashed into the guard rail. The vehicle, which was carrying a container of old clothes, swung up and then tipped onto its left side. According to police, the tank ruptured and the fuel ignited. First responders smashed the truck's windshield and extricated the trapped 35-year-old from the cab, which then burned out. The Truck driver and a first responder suffered minor injuries. Both were taken to hospitals. The police estimated the damage at around 150.000 euros.

After accident: A7 direction Hamburg open again from Friday evening

After a truck fire with hazardous materials on the Highway 7 near Hanover all three northbound lanes will be passable again from Friday evening onwards. According to the freeway operators, the cleaning work should be completed by 8 p.m. Until then, only one lane will be open to traffic. The Hard shoulder remains closed until the beginning of next week.

The burning hazardous goods transporter had on the Wednesday a major operation at the Hannover-Ost intersection and has since blocked the journey in the direction of Hamburg. According to police, the truck was carrying potassium hydroxide, which is used, for example, in the production of soft soaps. After extinguishing the fire, emergency workers began recovering the hazardous substance on Thursday. In the evening, at least one lane was opened. According to the police, the Hazard prevention authority decide how to proceed with the fire damage.

Baby carriage flung through the air in accident

In an accident in Rinteln in the district of Schaumburg, a Car hits a baby carriage and hurled through the air – however remained the toddler in it uninjured. The car driven by a 74-year-old man ran off the road on Thursday evening, the police said on Friday. At the scene, a 50-year-old woman was standing with her 25-year-old daughter and one-and-a-half-year-old grandson in a baby carriage. The car hit the stroller and hurled it several meters through the air. The child strapped into the stroller was apparently not injured, but was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

Also the Driver uninjured. The drunk man a blood sample was taken and his driver's license was confiscated. It was initially unclear why the man's car left the road.

Fire destroys warehouse in Harsefeld – eleven residents evacuated

The Warehouse of a fruit and vegetable dealer in Harsefeld (Stade district) has been almost completely destroyed in a fire. A technical defect had triggered the fire late Thursday evening, said a police spokeswoman on Friday. 90 firefighters were in action until the early hours of the morning had been to extinguish the flames. According to the report, the rear extension of the warehouse burned down completely, and the front section was also severely damaged. It was a Property damage of about 300.000 euros was created.

Due to asbestos panels on the roof could not be ruled out, according to police, that the fire leaked dangerous gases. Eleven residents were therefore evacuated as a precaution – but no one was injured.

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