The new vfl: starting signal this winter?

The new vfl: starting signal this winter?

VfL Wolfsburg will face some changes in the coming months and years. No final decision has yet been made at club owner Volkswagen, but there are many indications that the Bundesliga soccer club is being prescribed a new strategy from above. If the hardliners in the Group, who are said to include VW brand boss Herbert Diess, get their way, savings of a good 30 percent are within the realm of possibility. With an estimated VW investment of 100 million euros a year, that would be more than 30 million less.

At the automaker is discussed to rely in the future more on own talents and less on expensive million purchases. The objective should be based on the available player material – and no longer the other way around as before. In the course of this change of heart, savings will of course also be made. How much is at stake is the subject of current discussions.

VfL's biggest advocate with the owner is Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, the head of the Bundesliga club's supervisory board, who also sits on the carmaker's corporate board of directors. But at a time when Volkswagen is having to pay billions in fines as a result of the emissions scandal and is planning to cut 30,000 jobs over the next few years, it's difficult for a Bundesliga club to make million-dollar payments at the current rate. Especially if the latter does not meet the high demands.

Klaus Allofs knows that too. As manager of the VfL, it will be up to him to implement the new guidelines. Whether the 59-year-old will go along with this path, however, is an open question. Allofs could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.

VfL does not want to comment on the topic at the moment. The first effects of the new strategy may already be felt during the upcoming winter break. Most recently, Allofs had still sealed off when it came to the sale of some stars in the winter. "Personnel changes are not the main ie. There is certainly not the reflex that everything has to be changed," the manager told news agency dpa.

However: If the new VfL strategy comes as planned, the financial prere could be preemptively reduced by sales in winter. National player Julian Draxler is considered candidate number 1 for a departure in January.

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