St. Patrick's day: how the irish celebrate their national saint

St. Patrick's day: how the irish celebrate their national saint

Green clothes, green beer, even a green river brings this day: The 17. March is St. Patrick's Day, the holiday for the national saint of the Irish, St. Patrick. Means: the "green island" even greener, in Ireland monuments and buildings shine in green, many people wear a shamrock, the symbol of Ireland called "Shamrock", on their clothes or face.

So too Duchess Kate (37), the one in the green coat with shamrock brooch at the side of her prince William (36) took part in the parade in the London borough of Hounslow. With the cloverleaf should St. Patrick have declared the Holy Trinity. The royals were not only in style when it came to dress: afterwards they had a glass of dark Irish Guinness.

Long ago the custom found also outside Ireland many friends. Even Ireland's prime minister Leo Varadkar celebrated away from home – in Chicago. Green light also illuminated the Rhine Falls in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen on Saturday evening.

The holy Patrick of Ireland was a Christian missionary, The end of the 4./Beginning of the 5. Patrick lived in the middle of the eighteenth century. Little is known about his life – many stories told about him are legends.

St. For most people, Patrick's Day means above all: partying

It is considered reasonably certain that Patrick was kidnapped at the age of 16 and found solace in Christianity while in captivity. 432 is said to be Pope Coelestine I. sent the priest Patrick to Ireland as a bishop, where he remained until his death allegedly on 17. March 461 – Is said to have participated in the spread of the Christian faith.

Christian tradition plays a big role for many deeply Catholic Irish and their descendants – but most want to stay on the st. Patrick's Day above all celebrate. And not only in Ireland: The first st.-Patrick's Day parade marched in the USA – Whether in New York City or in Boston, scholars are not entirely in agreement.

Both cities, however, have large populations that are very proud of their Irish ancestry. More than 32 million Americans claim to have Irish ancestors – that's about ten percent of the total population.

Chicago turns the whole river green

New York celebrates the St. Patrick's Day already since 1762 with a parade – at that time the city also belonged to England. Hundreds of thousands of people expected to parade, same in Chicago. The metropolis on Lake Michigan has given the revelers on St. The Chicago River, which winds its way through the city, is a special spectacle on St. Patrick's Day: The Chicago River, which meanders through the city, is dyed green. And green beer is quite normal in the city's pubs on that day.

The most impressive St.-Patrick's Day parade in Germany moves annually through Munich. Those who don't want to travel that far can probably celebrate just fine at the nearest Irish pub.

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