Road closure for hunting between lehre and flechtorf

Road closure for hunting between lehre and flechtorf

Lower Saxony Forestry Office in Wolfenbuttel will hunt on Monday, 8. November, the Beienrod wood with doctrine. Since during the cross-hatching Movement hunting suddenly game or hounds can run over the road, the circle road 38 between Lehre and Flechtorf in both directions to the security for the road users will be locked. The closure is valid in the time from 9.30 to 13.30 o'clock.

The forestry office appeals to all Road users on the K 58 between Lehre and Boimstorf and the K 38 between Flechtorf and Beienrode, which run along and through the hunting area, with special attention to drive and to pay attention to game and hunting dogs.

Wild boar population to be kept low

Head of the forestry office Andreas Baderschneider explains the Urgency of hunting: "Hunting across hunting grounds is necessary to keep game populations in line with agricultural, forestry and conservation concerns. At the same time, we want to keep the total population of wild boar as low as possible to prevent further possible spread of the African swine fever the vaccine in Germany. We ask all road users for their understanding for the short-term road closure."

After the end of the hunt, the cordon should be lifted again immediately. "We ask for forest visitors, on this day to other forest areas dodge", says district leader Dirk Schluter, who prepares the hunt in his district forester's office.

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