Regional association knows nothing of aus for schneppelmoor

Regional association knows nothing of aus for schneppelmoor

Who by the Kastorfer Forest Settlement Schneppelmoor, feels reminded here and there of the Winkel forest settlement of 30 or 40 years ago. But while in Winkel more and more Villas in the green from the ground, the city has the 50 people in the forest near Kastorf the Eviction enacted.

On several occasions, the city hall asserts the legality of the decision when asked Alternativlos of the proceeding. Above all, the overriding Spatial planning let a Compromise not to, let alone permanent living. City spokeswoman Annette Siemer, when asked about the reasons for the city's action, informed: "The city's action is not rigorous, but legally necessary. There is no development plan for the area. And there is no legal possibility to change the illegally built houses by putting up a Development plan to legalize. This results from the regional spatial planning program. There, the area is designated as a priority area "safeguarding and redevelopment of Contaminated sites" determined. Since any urban land use planning has to be adapted to the objectives of regional planning, the city cannot develop a building area there. Building uses, even those that would be permissible in the outer area, are not permitted and cannot be made possible or secured under planning law."

Is that so?

The regional association assesses the situation differently

The Rundschau asked the responsible Regional association after and received from spokeswoman Gisela Noske a much less rigid Assessment. Interesting above all: "In the run-up to this topic there has been no Exchange given with the municipality. The regional association had no knowledge of this Knowledge. We do not have any plans that deal with the Schneppelmoor site, and so far there are none Request of the city of Gifhorn on this topic at the regional association."

Noske contradicts besides the representation of the city that the plan situation unalterably is: "The 2008 regional planning program specifies, among other things, in the area of the Merkel pits, due to the existing contaminated sites, a priority area "securing and remediation of contaminated sites" as a regional planning objective. This clearly stands in the way of a development as a residential area. Provided that a Remediation of contaminated sites would take place, the specifications of the RROP in this point could updated become. Whether residential use would be possible thereafter would be too check."One thing is certain: The redevelopment has been going on for decades.

Targeted Room air analyses of the district in Kastorfer settlement houses had shown that amed loads with benzene and toluene are not provable. Every dwelling of a smoker is more polluted, was the conclusion at that time.

Interesting in this context: In the new construction area High field, whose properties are marketed by the city-owned company GEG, was found in a groundwater sample a clearly increased value of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. In addition, the inspectors detected methane "in the range of the lower explosion limit". Construction workers are therefore not allowed to smoke during the ongoing development work.

Hurdle regional planning? "Of course" changeable

Spokeswoman Noske of the regional association said on inquiry that the representations in the regional planning program "of course" changeable would depend on the state of affairs, such as the remediation of contaminated sites. "However, the regional association does not have a current state of affairs on these ies."

Once more it becomes clear that the Regional planning program on the assistance of the Communities as the city of Gifhorn sets. Noske: "The regional planning program takes over only those areas as settlement area, which are already represented as such in the land use plans of the municipalities. In the Kastorfer Schneppelmoor, the city of Gifhorn has not shown a residential development area in its land use plan, and as the city of Gifhorn explains, the residential development there is built illegally."

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