Pfitzner: this will help me in life

Pfitzner: this will help me in life

After eleven years at Eintracht Braunschweig, crowd favorite Marc Pfitzner is leaving the Lions to join third-division soccer club Werder Bremen II. In an interview with sports editor Daniel Mau, the 31-year-old midfielder talks about the reasons.

Marc Pfitzner, the question that almost all Eintracht fans ask after your transfer is why?

It wasn't a decision against Eintracht, but for a new beginning. I will see something different in my career, I will get to know a new city and I will take a lot of things with me that will surely help me in my future life. Besides, I wanted to once again 3. I would like to play in the second league and still be active at a high level at the age of 31. Of course, I really appreciate what Eintracht has to offer, especially with regard to my life after professional soccer. I realize that not every player gets such an option. That's why the decision was hard for me.

You are very rooted in Braunschweig. What have been the reactions to your move in your environment??

My family and friends have understood this and are fully behind me in this decision. That is the most important thing for me. Many former players have also congratulated me and said that I am doing the right thing. I am looking forward to a beautiful city and a new association.

What role can you imagine in the U23 of Bremen?

I think that my experience can help me and contribute to preparing the young players for the professional level. Werder has a new generation of young entrepreneurs in the 3. League played a good role in recent years. I hope that we will also succeed next season and that we will manage to stay in the league.

Despite the change, your connection to Braunschweig will remain strong, or?

Sure, I have a house in the southwest of Braunschweig. For the time being, my sister will move in. This close relationship with my family is important to me. And I've already told the boys from Eintracht that I'm not out of the world either. It's an hour and a half to Bremen via the autobahn. I have already tested that (laughs).

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