Oxen team and new building area

Oxen team and new building area

"From then to now" – that's the title of the calendar that the Local history Grob Brunsrode for the year 2022 will bring out. By means of historical and current motives shows Local historian Lothar Bremer as a calendar editor the change that the village of Grob Brunsrode has undergone in the past 80 years vividly on.

For older Grob Brunsroder, former residents of the village, but also many people from the other villages of the Community teaching, is the viewing of the Calendar motifs always a journey into one's own past. "Not infrequently I am told what memories are awakened when looking at the pictures, and many emotions are also evoked," reported Heimatpfleger Lothar Bremer on Thursday at the photo session for the new calendar.

The calendar shows several fire department motifs

Quasi for current cause, because in large Brunsrode straight a new equipment house is built, the calendar 2022 shows equal several Fire department motifs: the former Fire station at the old main street in the year 1970 shortly before the demolition, the new one Equipment house in the village street and the new building just developing at this place.

Another photo shows the flood in the village street in 2007 – also a photo with quite a topical reference with regard to the new fire station Climate change and thereby increasing Heavy rain events. Probably the oldest photograph, also in the historic town center at the Village street developed, shows a Ox team in front of the house of the Goes family, who used to farm in times long gone.

The calendar must be pre-ordered with Lothar Bremer

Grob-Brunsrode calendar 2022 at a price of ten euros is only available after Pre-order available from Lothar Bremer. Orders for the now 13. Edition of the calendar will be available until 31. October received.

Contact: Lothar Bremer, (05308) 3826 or mail: [email protected]

Grob Brunsroder fire department celebrates topping-out ceremony for new equipment house Dirk Fochler Foundation stone for Grob Brunsroder fire station is laid Dirk Fochler Gross Brunsroder fire-brigade celebrates topping-out ceremony for new equipment house Dirk Fochler

The Topping-out ceremony as a small village festival – big celebrated on Friday the completion of the Shell construction at the new fire station in Great Brunsrode. Nearly two million euro are invested into the new domicile of the Brandschutzer.

"We have waited a long time for this moment. It is nice and also important for our work as a fire department that the new building is now soon ready," explained the Grob Brunsroder Local fire chief Holger Schlenzig after he had hammered the last nail into the roof construction.

Shell construction phase proceeds without delays – despite shortage of building materials

Before Wolfgang Saler as boss of the implementing building firm Burke building from Rautheim had briefly and crisply the topping-out ceremony recited, and to the building quasi the worldly Blessing ied. That at present with current a little assistance cannot hurt, made Reinhard belly clear. "Even for the most ordinary things like simple power cables or plastic pipes in the sanitary area, there are sometimes delivery times of several months," reported the employee of the municipal construction administration.

But in the Shell construction phase has proceeded without major delays. Thus the local population could provide itself on Friday afternoon an impression to the new premises. The building structure appears spacious and clearly structured. On 400 square meters of floor space two parking spaces, a smaller garage, separate changing rooms and sanitary facilities for the men and women of the fire brigade, a group room, a kitchen as well as storage, drying and office space have been created in a vehicle hall.

Local mayor Kerstin Jager (CDU) described the new building complex as "sensible and promising for the future". "There will finally be enough space for both the operational department and the youth and children's fire department," noted Jager.

Community fire chief Simon Rebel, who as the former fire chief of Grob Brunsrode had played a decisive role in the planning of the new building, referred to the relevant DIN standards and guidelines of the Fire Brigade Accident Insurance Fund (FUK) with regard to the floor areas and heights of the various rooms. "We have kept exactly to the required dimensions," Rebel clarified. However the fire-brigade on one actually considered meaningful own area for the Youth fire department foregone for reasons of cost.

Costs are probably "slightly above budget

Concerning the costs, Julian Sprenger from the press team of the municipal administration informed our newspaper that these are currently under review due to the current price increases "slightly above planning would lie. "However, not all trades have been put out to tender yet. We hope that we can still compensate for the increase, so to speak," emphasized Sprenger.

And then on the village street cordoned off between the restaurant "Zum Krug" and the equipment house was celebrated with cold drinks and food from the new Krug host Harry Reithmann, with a bouncy castle and water games for the children. "And that is precisely why the new appliance room should also be built like the old one in the historically Village center are. Because in this environment it is much more pleasant and conducive to the village community to meet and celebrate together," noted local mayor Jager.

Foundation stone for Grob Brunsroder fire station is laid Dirk Fochler

At least two years was controversial about the size, equipment and location of the new fire station for the village of Grob Brunsrode discussed and weighed. On Thursday, the official ceremony Laying of the foundation stone instead of.

Already Mid-1990s the Grob Brunsroder firefighters drew attention to the cramped spatial conditions of their domicile attentively. They were not heard at first, other fire department projects in the Community teaching priority was given.

Increasing danger potential

But the Prere to act became stronger, also because the Fire department accident insurance increasing danger potential because of the cramped conditions repeatedly criticized. "Ultimately the Community Council made a good and far-sighted decision by voting in favor of a new building," emphasized Andreas Busch. The Community mayor hob in view of the high operational load, among other things because of the Responsibilities for sections of highways 2 and 39 as well as the immense commuter traffic, the importance of "strong fire department locations" emphasized.

Thus the deputy local fire chief Maik Goerke the new building with well 400 square meters of effective area as "future-oriented. "Equipment and vehicles of the fire departments are growing, the old building had simply become too small," Goerke noted.

costs of 1.9 million euros

"We have had to drill many a thick board, even sometimes apply the drill a second time. But in the end, we will have a new fire station that meets our needs and requirements. We are grateful for that," emphasized the Grob Brunsroder local fire chief Simon Rebel out. In addition, Simon Rebel emphasized the commitment and "heart and soul" with which members of the fire brigade had been involved in the planning phase.

The new Grob Brunsroder equipment house develops on the site of the old, in the year 1975 established building. 1.9 million euros The funds for the construction of a vehicle hall with two parking spaces, a garage, sanitary, storage, drying and office facilities as well as a training room and a youth room have been budgeted. The State of Lower Saxony supports the project with a Grant in the amount of 500.000 euros.

Significance also for the village

Local mayor Kerstin Jager (CDU) emphasized that the new fire station has a wide variety of functions for the village. "The emergency department now has a functional building that meets today's requirements and also provides sufficient space for the youth and children's fire department groups," found Kerstin Jager.

Last but not least, a fire department in smaller villages is also important with regard to events for the village community. "The equipment house is virtually the Village center. And that's why we wanted to have the new fire station in the old town center and not somewhere on the outskirts," clarified Kerstin Jager.

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