No hot lead yet after fatal shooting in the harz mountains

No hot lead yet after fatal shooting in the harz mountains

After the fatal shooting of a 73-year-old man in Quedlinburg in the Harz Mountains, police continue to search for a hot lead. Although the officials searched an apartment on Tuesday, because initially a suspicion of a crime had arisen, as the police announced on Wednesday. The suspicion was not confirmed, however, and the man was released shortly afterwards. Details were not given with reference to investigation tactics. Everything remains open, said a police spokeswoman. The established special commission investigates in all directions because of murder.

On Monday evening, witnesses had heard several shots and shortly thereafter found the 73-year-old dead on the street. According to initial indications, the perpetrator may have fled on a bicycle, it was said. Police searched for a suspect with a helicopter and a tracking dog, but initially could not find anyone.

Dead after shooting in Quedlinburg: motive still unclear

The motive and background for the crime remain unclear, according to investigators. "We currently have no indication whether the perpetrator and the victim knew each other well," said a police spokeswoman. With it it contradicted the mayor of Quedlinburg, Frank Ruch (CDU), which had said on Tuesday, perpetrator and victim stood obviously in a close personal relationship.

The special commission now has to evaluate further evidence, question witnesses and compare statements, the spokeswoman said. An autopsy of the man killed was also scheduled for Wednesday. It remains to be seen when results will be available. "Now the criminalistic detail work begins."

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