High rate: 90 percent of police officers in lower saxony vaccinated

High rate: 90 percent of police officers in lower saxony vaccinated

The Police in Lower Saxony can once again not complain about a lack of work: The Officials will be held this weekend, among others, in the area of Brunswick Police Department buzzing out between Harz and Heide to focus on Corona rules to control. In the process, several trains of the Riot police are used.

Just over a week ago, the Hildesheim police succeeded in striking a blow against Vaccination card fakers. 300 officers were on duty, searched 24 homes. These and many other deployments raise the question: How does it actually stand around the 26.000 to 27.000 employees in the police force in Lower Saxony itself, especially around the officers who are on duty on the streets every day? Only hesitantly did the State Ministry of the Interior questions from our newspaper, but the answers came. Concrete numbers call the Security authorities always reluctantly, because they can draw a conclusion about the Deployment strength allow.

Less than one percent in quarantine

But the figures are impressive, which is probably one of the reasons why the ministry revealed them after all when asked: At least 90 percent of the police employees in Lower Saxony have been vaccinated twice – and as of 1 January 2009, they are still vaccinated twice. December were 98 employees with the Corona virus infected, 200 were in Quarantine. Only, it must be said at this point, because it is despite the many deployments of officials less than one percent of employees, as spokeswoman Rosa Legatis declared.

In Saxony for example, things look far worse: Of the roughly 14.000 police employees had already been vaccinated by 21. November 400 officials ill with Corona, 600 in quarantine. The German Police Union of Saxony calculated a Incidence of 4000 among Saxon police officers, even warned of a "collapse."

In other countries, the figures – as of the end of January – are similar. Also in Bavaria According to the Ministry of the Interior, 587 police officers were infected with Corona at the time, and 280 others were in quarantine. In Thuringia there are 129 people who have fallen ill. In the Federal police 539 officers are ill and 1263 in quarantine.

Particularly high vaccination rate in Lower Saxony

But not only are the numbers of corona sick in Lower Saxony fortunately low by comparison, the Vaccination rate of at least 90 percent is gratifyingly high.

The federal police estimate the vaccination rate among their own ranks at 81 percent, the Saxon police at 70 percent and the Bavarian police at 71 percent. Much more numbers are not known. And, as in Lower Saxony, these are estimates. The problem is everywhere: there is no systematic recording of the vaccinations of police officers. That is already surprising.

Spokeswoman Legatis from the Ministry of the Interior in Lower Saxony said: "The approximately 90 percent referred to the vaccinations carried out by the police medical service. The actual rate is likely to be even higher, since some have also been vaccinated in other places. There is no central collection of this data."The reason, according to Legatis: "The vaccination status of individuals is health data that is particularly worthy of protection, which is why there is no statistical or data collection by name (from the police, the editors) in this regard. Ergo: Among the approximately ten percent of unvaccinated employees of the police are also with very, very high probability officers who control 2G rules.

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  • Dietmar Schilff, State chairman and deputy federal chairman of the Police union (GdP), said in response to a question: "From a purely legal point of view, it is currently permissible for these checks to be carried out even by unvaccinated personnel who have been tested every day, because the persons carrying out the checks are not considered to be visitors to the relevant premises."In this respect, such a constellation is theoretically possible in Lower Saxony, but in view of the high vaccination rate among police employees, it can only occur in individual cases.

    In addition it is to be said: Ten per cent of the police employees in Lower Saxony are still about 2500 officials. Not all of them are law enforcement officers and are therefore on the streets, but there will still be several hundred officers. In addition, the officers are in contact with each other.

    Police union to its own members: get vaccinated!

    Booster vaccinations for police employees started in Lower Saxony at the end of November. Schilff used this opportunity despite the rather high rate once again in a message to their own union members to promote the vaccinations. Schilff explained, "It is about the health of police employees and the maintenance of service operations." And further: "Our appeal to all colleagues is now: Boosters let! And to the few who have not yet been vaccinated: Get vaccinated!" That is clear.

    The opposition in the state parliament was quite taken with the high vaccination rate achieved so far among Lower Saxony's police – and, conversely, also pleased with the rather low number of Corona sufferers so far. Stefan Birkner, Head of the FDP parliamentary group in the state parliament and head of the Lower Saxony FDP, spoke of a high sense of responsibility among police in Lower Saxony. However, the fact that the Interior Ministry does not know who among the police officers is vaccinated – and who is not – "irritates and surprises" him. "Employers can now finally query on 3G who is not vaccinated." If the normal citizen must disclose this to his employer, this must be the case all the more in the civil service, demanded Birkner. "It is quite astonishing that the ministry and also the police authorities do not know that."

    Greens: unvaccinated police officers endanger their own families

    On the aspect that also unvaccinated police officers control 2G, Birkner also has a clear stance: "That is already very bizarre that also these officers are on the road."

    The Greens see it quite similarly. Marie Kollenrott, Spokeswoman for internal security of the Greens parliamentary group, also spoke of mostly "responsible" policemen and policewomen. The professional group is just now again enormously burdened, when they and the employees of the order offices must control the Corona rules, he said. "We owe a great debt of gratitude to the police officers," Kollenrott said. That was important to her.

    But Kollenrott finds it "problematic" that even unvaccinated officers control the rules. "They expose the citizens, themselves and their families to a risk."

    Police union: often no understanding of Corona rules

    Given the current burden, GdP head Schilff naturally has his members, the civil servants, in particular in mind: "While the vast majority of the population is understanding and cooperative, there are always clashes with aggressive people who have no understanding of the regulations," he told. Since these people in particular are often not vaccinated, these encounters represent a particular burden, "which is why we support the appeals of science and politics and call for people to be vaccinated," Schilff said. "In addition, we address the citizens to show understanding for the necessary controls and not to take out their frustration about the continuing tense situation on the police."

    This already applies this weekend, when the police officers are heavily on the road in our region.

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