Future of the emergency shelter in bahrdorf is uncertain

Future of the emergency shelter in bahrdorf is uncertain

The situation at the asylum seeker and homeless shelter in Bahrdorf is apparently not good. This is the result of a report by the corresponding Working group from politics and administration. According to this, an Examination of the building fabric commissioned planning office found severe damage to the recording points of the ceiling beams of the upper floor.

The Load-bearing capacity is hardly more to guarantee, it is called in the report. In addition also at the roof of the building seems need for reorganization to exist. So what will now become of the old house on Bahnhofstrabe?

In doubt separation from the building

Head of Administration Rudiger Fricke sees in doubt only the Separation from the building. He does not consider the two proposed solutions to be feasible. Variant one envisions demolition of the old house with subsequent two-story new building on the given footprint before. Estimated Cost point for it about: 2.078 million.

Variant two also sees the Demolition of the old house before, but with a single-story new building beyond the given floor space. This would cost about 2.112 million euros.

While for the first variant no building rights would have to be created, that would be necessary for the second variant. The administration currently does not see any alternatives, as Luca Altbertz writes in his report on the status quo. There is apparently a lack of land for the construction of a new house in another more central place.

60 asylum seekers live in the Velpke joint municipality

According to the administration's list, the total number of people living in the Velpke municipality 60 asylum seekers in ten rented accommodations, specifically eight people in Papenrode, nine in Klein Sisbeck, and seven in Volkmarsdorf, 20 in different buildings in Velpke, two in Meinkot and 14 in Wahrstedt.

report, the accommodation in Bahrdorf is also to be dealt with in the coming legislature Committee deal with this as soon as possible after the Constitution of the joint municipality council. Currently, Velpke is apparently waiting for a new distribution quota. This must be ied by the district of Helmstedt.

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