Fight against corona: are we getting too little vaccine?

She is the great hope: the vaccination campaign. With it combines the longing for a time without Corona. "This is not an overnight thing," warns Bavaria's Minister President Markus Soder (CSU). A grandiose understatement.

"We have to get through the winter without being able to rely on the fact that we already have such vaccines available to a large extent," said German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on Wednesday after a meeting with state premiers . The federal government calculates that seven million vaccine doses from the companies Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna will be needed in the first quarter of 2021. Because everyone has to be vaccinated twice, can 3.5 million citizen
to be immunized against Covid-19. "This is what I can say today."

Corona vaccine: Has federal government backed the wrong horse?

What Merkel can't say yet: The government ordered additional doses from the company Astrazeneca, which is "experiencing a bit of a delay" (Merkel). If the substance is approved in time, seven could become eleven million doses in the first quarter.

Britain has long since approved the vaccine, secured 40 million doses. The British are ordering BNT162b2 of all things from Biontech in Mainz
. The fact that they are showing off the Merkel government in their own country is causing irritation. Are the British taking more risks or were they just faster?? Biontech founder Ugur Sahin praised on ZDF television that British authorities are making decisions "in a way that allows for faster action".

The Germans are awaiting the approval process of the European Medicines Agency. It is said that the Zulang of Biontech at 29. December
could take place, according to Merkel. The nearly one-month gap with the Brits could have been made up if only enough stuff had been secured.

To be able to classify the calculation, one returns to the start of the race: Astrazeneca bet on vector vaccines. These consist of pathogens that are harmless to humans, carry one or more antigens of the pathogen and trigger an immune response in the body. This is the proven and safest option.

EU has secured 1.3 billion doses of vaccine

By contrast, Biontech and Moderna's approach was radically new: cells in muscle tie are genetically engineered to produce proteins that trigger an immune response. This method is faster, but the prospects are more uncertain.

Now, however, made the Outsider from Mainz
the race, while the federal government primarily backed Astrazeneca. It is not clear whether this vaccine can be made available in the first quarter of 2021, Merkel said. "If so, we have secured quite a few doses." In the second quarter, he said, things will be "much better already".

If everything goes according to plan, they will have "a lot of vaccine available in the third quarter". Especially since the EU Commission has secured 1.3 billion doses of vaccine, of which 20 percent is due to Germany. The EU tried to spread the risk and made many contracts:

  • With Astrazeneca, over 300 million doses plus an option for 100 million.
  • With Sanofi-GSK (Zulang expected by June 2021): 300 million doses.
  • With Johnson Johnson (in spring Zulang?): 200 million plus option for another 200 million.
  • With Biontech-Pfizer: 200 million vaccine doses plus another 100 million.
  • With Curevac (Zulang hoped for spring): 225 million vaccine doses plus 180 million as option.
  • With Moderna, 80 million doses of vaccine plus option on 80 million.

Did Donald Trump "do everything right"?

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump did "everything right," epidemiologist says behind closed doors. Reportedly, the U.S. could vaccinate six times faster
as Germany. The U.S. has contracted with Pfizer, Moderna and Sanofi for half of the vaccine each, plus smaller stakes with Astrazeneca and Johnson Johnson.

In total, they have access to three billion vaccine doses, according to the information service Airfinity. Trump encouraged companies to build factories at government expense before a vaccine was found. Now venture capital pays off: The Mass production
can start immediately. At Biontech, a new production facility in Hesse is just being set up.

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