Cremlingen offers two new charging columns for electric cars

Cremlingen offers two new charging columns for electric cars

In Cremlingen, there are two new charging stations for Electric vehicles with two charging points each: one in the parking lot between the municipal administration and the Volksbank and another at the Moorbusch daycare center and the planned meeting center, respectively. The Charging power the
AC charging points, according to the statement, amounts to Charging point 22 kilowatts (kW). The whole thing, it is said, is a joint project between Cremlinger Energie GmbH (CEG), the municipality of Cremlingen and Volksbank eG Wolfenbuttel.

Municipality makes land available

The topic of electromobility brings new challenges, according to Mayor Detlef Kaatz. "The creation of Charging infrastructure across the board in public spaces is a topic that we will implement as a community."In this overall construct, the municipality of Cremlingen provides the land, and CEG bears the costs Costs for the installation and management of both charging columns, and Volksbank eG Wolfenbuttel is participating with a sponsorship.

The municipality of Cremlingen is expanding electromobility

"As with our investment in the Cramme wind farm we also want to make a contribution to the energy transition in Cremlingen. As a regionally rooted Volksbank, this is also a part of our social Responsibility", Ernst Gruber, spokesman of the board of the Volksbank, is quoted in the press release. CEG financed the charging points from the available climate protection budget. The advisory council decides on the use of the funds. This consists of Mayor Kaatz and four representatives each of the municipal council and the Energy supplier Avacon.

External damage, but functional

According to CEG, the charging station on the Daycare center Moorbusch cannot yet be foiled because external damage has been found on the column. However, it is fully functional and can be used, he said. The Foliation will take place as soon as the spare parts would be delivered.

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