Corona: moderna announces vaccine against omikron

The Omikron variant is available in Germany . Even though there are still no confirmed results on the effects of the more than 30 mutations on the spike protein: Experts like Karl Lauterbach and Christian Drosten are concerned that B.1.1.529 the Vaccine protection could bypass.

Moderna president Stephen Hoge has now announced to the Reuters news agency that it intends to adapt its company's vaccine. Thus, efficacy against the Omikron variant be ensured. However, Hoge said the Anpang will take at least three to four months: "The Omikron-specific boosters won't realistically come until March and maybe more likely in the second quarter."

The manufacturers of mRNA vaccines such as Biontech or just Moderna had already announced in the past that they could adapt their vaccines relatively quickly to new variants due to the novel mRNA technique. Hamilton Bennett, director of vaccine access at Moderna, spoke of around 100 days until a new vaccine could be available.

Omikron: How the vaccine is injected

At the mRNA technology the body cells receive via the Vaccine so to speak, a blueprint that expires again after a short time. With its help, the immune system then produces antibodies against the spike protein of the coronavirus.

The virus attaches itself to the human cells via the spike protein and enters them. The Antibody block the docking sites of the spike protein and block the path of the virus. However, if Omikron has changed its docking sites again via the mutation, it will also need new antibodies. In this case, the construction plan must then be adapted, which the vaccine conveys. The mRNA method, however, remains the same. Therefore Anpang in itself happen in a relatively short time.

Moderna: mRNA method could make costly studies unnecessary

If regulators recognize the process itself as safe and only the blueprint changes for new pathogens, there would be no lengthy Studies more necessary, said Bennett.

In addition to Moderna, Biontech is also considering a pang of its vaccine due to the omicron variant. It would be the first time since the start of vaccination campaigns with mRNA vaccines about a year ago that the two vaccines have been used because of a spreading new Corona variant for which mass vaccinations would have to be changed.

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