Corona lockdown: give vouchers, save city centers

In front of some stores formed on Monday long queues. This is what the federal government had feared, what it had urgently warned against. And yet many wanted to seize the (pre-)last chance to get in touch with Christmas gifts stock up. Because presents under the Christmas tree – that belongs to the celebration like Christmas carols on Christmas Eve or the feast in the circle of the family.

Buying gifts for loved ones, that is a piece of normality, a little tradition in this confusing time of the Pandemic. Talking to the saleswoman at the bookstore around the corner, who has known the insider literary tips for years, is part of the process. Likewise, browsing at the department store on the high street.

And yes, also the prere and the subsequent relief to have organized all the souvenirs at the last second. Even though this last second this year ten days before Christmas Eve Is.

Lockdown starting Wednesday is not a free pass for Christmas shopping

People are social creatures. And perhaps this last stroll before the Retail to the Gastronomy into enforced hibernation, deeply human. Which, however, does not change the fact that he is wrong.

That the Lockdown The reason for this is that the federal states want to give their parliamentary blessing to the regulations and thus increase legal certainty. However, this decision does not mean a two-day shopping free pass. Calls to now keep stores open around the clock this Tuesday counteract the government's plan to. It is not about the Winter sales, it's about Contact reduction.

Retailers in lockdown: for many, it's about their economic existence

No one is in the mood for this Lockdown at Christmas time. And for many retailers, it's about much more than pleasure, it's about their livelihood, it's about their retirement plan, which is in their own business. Your Hope, at the last minute to reduce their overcrowded warehouse is more than understandable.

Who local retailer locally wants to support, which can do this however also after Tuesday still. Internet commerce is much more than just Amazon. Of course, once you've created an account, it's convenient to order from the market leader.

Gift shopping: you can support local merchants in the Lockdown, too

But also many retailers offer Online stores to. So why not order the reading in the local bookstore, even if it takes three clicks more to do so. In addition: In case of doubt, you can still order by phone from the store around the corner even in lockdown if you don't feel like or don't have the opportunity to store online.

Those who are worried that the package will not arrive on time can also use other ways to support local merchants. With personal vouchers about, in doubt handwritten at first, until the stores open again.

Christmas in the Corona pandemic: presents can be later

Also the federal states can help, by similarly as with the catering trade Ordering and collection systems approve. For example, by handing out ordered merchandise out the store window, retailers can generate revenue that will help them while also helping taxpayers with the upcoming Relief packages Relieve.

As an aside, this year you may also wonder if there really is a gift for everyone present under the tree must lie. Adults, in particular, should be able to agree to pay attention to each other when the infectious event is normalized.

So everyone does his favorite store a bigger favor, than now still by a purchase locally the infection happening upward to drive. Because the longer the lockdown lasts, the less chance there is of being able to store at the store around the corner in the future.

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