Corona in children: these are the typical symptoms

Much has been made in recent months of the Corona pandemic
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discussed. While young children were initially considered to be "germaphobes," there is now growing evidence that they are less likely to become infected with coronavirus than adults.

Corona: children are infected less frequently than adults

But differences are evident not only in infection, but also in the course of Covid-19. Although the typical Corona symptoms
as cough and fever also with children on. In general, however, they are lucky: not only are they less likely to become infected – even after infection, more often than in adults, no symptoms appear at all.

And there is another peculiarity in children: If they have been infected, they suffer more often from Gastrointestinal complaints
as adults. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) writes on its website. According to Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR), the complaints can be abdominal pain with or without diarrhea and vomiting.

Corona suspicion in children: How should parents behave?

For parents, the multitude of symptoms can sometimes make it difficult. How to deal with children who show only mild symptoms. Should they act directly from Daycare and school
Staying at home and being isolated? Or does the child then miss out unnecessarily – after all, it is not uncommon for little ones to often suffer from a runny nose in winter. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to these questions.

To make it at least a little easier for parents, the "German Academy for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine" has published a statement. There it is clearly stated: "Sick children or adolescents in reduced general condition with Fever, cough, sore throat or earache
, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea or unclear skin rash do not belong in daycare centers or schools."

Should facilities Disease Symptoms
notice, they are entitled to have the sick children picked up, he said. However, there is no talk of children staying home even if they have a mild cough or cold.

Different Corona rules for children at schools

The Society for Virology (GfV) disagrees. In a statement, it recommends that even mild respiratory infections with mild symptoms should be examined by a doctor and clarified by "laboratory diagnostics". It goes on to say: "Until Test result
they (the children, note. d. Red.) stay away from school."

As reported by MDR , the individual federal states and schools each have their own rules about when a child should stay home. This is usually the case if the affected person shows at least two symptoms of illness that are indicative of infection with the corona virus novel coronavirus
could speak.

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