Brunswick schoduvel: police distribute 21 criminal charges

Brunswick schoduvel: police distribute 21 criminal charges

The 42. The 15th edition of the Schoduvel, the big parade of fools through the city center, had here and there a less nice aftermath on Sunday evening. After the first conclusion of the police was still positive, it came in the evening hours to bodily injuries around the after-parties in the restaurants and pubs. It hailed 21 criminal charges, in the previous year it had been still 28. The number of assaults rose by five to 13 compared to the previous year.

Two violations of the Weapons Act

Although it was thoroughly pointed out that it was supposed to be a peaceful and cheerful event, the police had to produce two violations of the weapons law. Two Jecken were controlled with so-called prima facie weapons.

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On the other hand, there were hardly any problems with the alcohol control of minors. 72 young people were checked. Whereby these controls met with a positive echo with the girls and boys. According to police, no significant violations were found, only in one case party liquor had to be confiscated.

Glass bottle ban has been enforced

The ban on glass containers in the area of the town hall colonnades, which was imposed for the second time this year, was observed by visitors and also by the stores located there.

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