Basketball lions terminate schroder discoverer liviu calin

Basketball lions terminate schroder discoverer liviu calin

This dispute comes as a surprise – all the more so in its vehemence. The Braunschweig Basketball Lions have celebrated their co-coach Liviu Calin's 15. September canceled. The discoverer and trainer of NBA stars Dennis Schroder and Daniel Theis is fighting back in court. Yesterday, a conciliation hearing was held at the Braunschweig Labor Court, the first step in proceedings to protect against dismissal.

But the meeting, chaired by the chairman of the 7. Chamber, Judge Patrick Poltorak, was already finished after two minutes. Both parties – Managing Director Sebastian Schmidt as a representative of the Lions and Liviu Calin along with their lawyers were present – did not want to say anything in the public meeting, will comment in writing in the course of the proceedings. The judge read out only this much: Calin justified his action against the termination with the fact that, among other things, there was no approval from the Lowen Supervisory Board, and in addition, the notice period had not been observed.

Judge Poltorak then set a chamber date for the end of the year. Until then, both parties can still reach an out-of-court agreement at any time.

At the heart of the dispute is probably serious disagreement over the promotion of young talent. It was just over a year ago that the Lions had promoted Calin. In addition to his duties as assistant and individual coach of the first division club, he was once again appointed head of the youth area and was supposed to reintroduce professional structures there – a task for which he had come to Braunschweig from Romania 27 years ago.

Because his protege, NBA pro Dennis Schroder, joined the Lowen as a shareholder in 2018 and supported the project, Calin showed new motivation despite the Lowen's downsized junior division in recent years. But things did not really progress. According to information from our newspaper, there were, among other things, disagreements with coaches.

Meanwhile, Braunschweig has fallen to last place in the rankings of Bundesliga locations when it comes to youth work, something Calin had vehemently lamented. The lions have to come up with something. Petra Lagerpusch is involved in the project as chairwoman of the Dennis Schroder Academy, formerly Leistungszentrum Basketball Braunschweig, and she sheds some light on the matter. "We as an academy are to take over the entire youth area from them at the request of the lions, NBBL and JBBL including the coaches against the payment of a certain sum," she reports.

When they learned of the plan, Liviu Calin as sporting director of the academy or LBB since the early 1990s, namesake and sponsor Dennis Schroder and his brother Che as his representative had already been inaugurated and agreed in principle.

"That's what we had always envisioned as a link between popular and competitive sports," Lagerpusch also says. But the advance of the lions had then come too suddenly. Details would have to be clarified.

Finally, one must also consider whether the legal form of a non-profit association is still adequate or must be changed. "I can imagine everything super well," she says. "But then with an orderly transition to the next season, and if all parties involved, including the SG Braunschweig and the coaches, have sat at the same table beforehand."

National player Dennis Schroder is probably also not cold to the dismissal of his mentor by the Lions, where Schroder is a shareholder and to whose supervisory board he had also already sent Calin as his representative.

"After the World Cup in China, we will make a statement," the NBA star's manager, his brother Che Secka, told our newspaper.

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