10 Years of culture in the castle – the anniversary

It was ten years ago to the day: in May 2007, the city's cultural institutions moved into the rebuilt Residence Palace. "The portals of the two side wings opened wide and invitingly for all those interested in culture for the first time," said Lord Mayor Ulrich Markurth in his opening speech. And further: "Since then we can say with good reason: This house is the Braunschweig cultural castle!"

The Department of Culture, the Municipal Library and the Municipal Archives have been located in the front part of the castle since that day – the Castle Museum also opened four years later.

All facilities were open for visitors on Saturday. A wide range of programs was on offer: from the historical writing workshop to guided tours and picture book cinema to the Fotomobile for quirky family photos. Many visitors took advantage of the free offer – it's not every day that there's such a crowd and bustle at the Castle Museum.

10 Years of culture in the castle - the anniversary

10 years of culture in the castle

10 Years of culture in the castle - the anniversary

There were also long queues in front of the balloon at the crane, from which visitors could admire the castle and the city from a height of 50 meters. Of all things, the balloon was patterned in the colors blue and yellow – which prompted Lord Mayor Markurth to remark, "This is not yet the promotion celebration of Eintracht today, but it has to do with promotion after all. And if it should come so, we are prepared…"Richard Borek, Chairman of the Stiftung Residenzschloss Braunschweig, emphasized in his speech: "Despite all the prophecies of doom, it is clear to see how successful the combination of culture and shopping can be."

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