0:2 – Eintracht braunschweig without a chance in magdeburg

0:2 - Eintracht braunschweig without a chance in magdeburg

That was nothing! Eintracht Braunschweig has won the top match against 1. FC Magdeburg lost 0:2 (0:2) on Saturday afternoon. An early double strike brought the team of Michael Schiele on the loser road. The home team from Saxony-Anhalt played as if it had never had a Corona forced break.

Trailing at halftime is justified – Eintracht Braunschweig plays awkwardly

Despite the ping-pong soccer of both teams at the beginning, it quickly became apparent that the better start belonged to the home side. In 50-50 action, many balls tended to bounce in the direction of the Blue and Whites, but they earned this in the course of the game with a mature footballing display. Eintracht acted too awkwardly, repeatedly allowed passes into the cut and behind the chain and consequently fell behind.

Leon Bell Bell finished from the back of the sixteen for Magdeburg's lead (13.). Earlier, Lasse Schluter had been nibbled by Jason Ceka. And also the 0:2 from Eintracht's point of view was deserved. Iba May, rotated into the starting eleven for Jomaine Consbruch, needlessly played a risky cross in front of the opponent's penalty area that Robin Kraube failed to reach. At the end of the FCM changeover game Baris Atik stood and scored, which made Jasmin Fejzic angry (26.)

Magdeburg's fast-paced game challenges Eintracht Braunschweig

Eintracht, however, at least tried to play soccer at some point after initially having obvious difficulties. Lion Lauberbach worked hard up front, Bryan Henning impressed with his running ability and Michael Schultz largely denied Magdeburg's attacker Luca Schuler. But because of the tempo play of the league leader, the Braunschweig team could never feel safe in the first half.

No wonder then that Schiele brought Basti Muller and Niko Kijewski at the start of the second round and thus more speed for the weak May and Schluter. In addition, Luc Ihorst came for Lion Lauberbach.

Eintracht was now a little better in the game. However, there were still no major opportunities. Magdeburg limited themselves to the bare essentials – but that was enough. The home team's build-up play over their own goalkeeper resulted in a grueling run-in for the Lions. And when Eintracht did have a chance, as it did in the closing stages, Magdeburg could rely on the reflexes of its goalkeeper. To keep up with the league's heavyweights, Eintracht must continue to work on itself.

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