World climate summit: the biggest co2 offenders on earth

It's a "green" showcase for the great and powerful – via video conference. U.S. President Joe Biden has invited 40 heads of state and government to the virtual world climate summit this Thursday and Friday.

Also Chancellor Angela Merkel is in the process. Who are the biggest climate sinners – and how do they plan to cut their CO emissions??

China wants to achieve CO neutrality

Currently, China accounts for nearly one-third of the world's CO emissions into the air and consuming half of the mined coal. In September 2020, Xi Jinping made the most ambitious environmental policy promise to date: By 2060, he said, the People's Republic would achieve CO neutrality; by 2030 at the latest, the absolute peak in emissions would be reached. To date, however, China's government has not come up with a concrete plan of action.

In January and February, coal mining even increased by a quarter – about 124 million tons – compared to the same period last year. But at the same time, Beijing has invested more in renewable energy than the U.S., Japan and the EU combined. Globally, no other country has a larger market for E-mobility. Every second solar cell is installed in China.

The state leadership in Beijing Has long subordinated environmental concerns to rapid growth. But a rethink has begun among party cadres. Last but not least, Beijing is also using the environmental ie for diplomatic soft power. In recent years, when human rights crimes in particular shaped China's reputation Xi Jinping increasingly present itself as a champion against climate change.

World climate summit: the biggest co2 offenders on earth

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USA: Biden wants to correct Trump's course

The U.S. is the second-largest emitter of climate-damaging Carbon dioxide emissions. The energy mix (as of spring 2020) fanned out like this: oil 37 percent, gas 32 percent, renewables twelve percent, coal eleven percent and nuclear eight percent.

After the intermezzo Donald Trump successor Joe Biden pushes the ie anew. Until now, Biden had advised that the USA would provide energy without any CO emissions in 2035. By 2050, the country should then be "decarbonized.

Biden wants to set the pace: After the Paris climate protection agreement, which the U.S. rejoined under Biden, applied: America cut its emissions by 26 to 28 percent by 2025 compared to 2005 levels. Biden will ie a goal this Thursday to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at least 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2030, according to government sources.

Translated into practical policy, this means a massive reduction in the emissions by coal, oil and gas and significantly more renewables. With government aid, Biden wants to massively expand offshore wind farms off the coasts. A total of $200 billion is to be poured into promoting renewable energy and accelerating the breakaway from fossil fuels.

Flywheel for Biden's climate protection policy is to be the 2000 billion dollar Infrastructure program its. In addition to energy-saving retrofitting of houses and modernization of power grids and transport arteries, the focus is on promoting e-mobility.

For 500.000 additional charging stations for electric cars is to be allocated nearly 175 billion dollars. E-car batteries to be manufactured in the country in the future.

India still has to submit climate contribution

The populous emerging nation has pledged to reduce its CO emissions by up to 35 percent by 2030 compared with 2005 levels. The third-largest energy supplier in the world must make its contribution to climate protection Polluters still to be presented to the world.

Russia tricks the math: CO savings lower than promised

Russia did not formally put the Paris Agreement into force until 2019. Moscow announced 2030 about 70 percent less Carbon dioxide emissions than in 1990. If the calculation tricks used in the process are taken into account, the promised reduction is actually only 30 percent.

President Vladimir Putin announced Russia will undercut EU greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets over the next 30 years.

World climate summit: the biggest co2 offenders on earth

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World climate summit: the biggest co2 offenders on earth

Japan promises CO neutrality by 2050

Japan pledged in 2016 to reduce CO by 26 percent by 2030. March 2020 climate agreement states the same target and has been sharply criticized by scientists as a result. The new Gov Yoshihide Suga the country, but has promised that by 2050 will be CO neutral.

Germany is the biggest climate sinner in the EU

It is about two percent of the Greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, coming from Germany. But what sounds little is a lot per inhabitant and in absolute figures: in the EU, Germany is the biggest climate polluter, with 739 million tons of greenhouse gases emitted in 2020.

Above all because of Coal-fired power generation: Six German power plants alone were among the top ten individual polluters in 2019.

Germany's Climate target for 2020 was achieved by Corona. By 2030, the German government aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent compared to 1990 levels. With the new EU climate law, this target will have to become more ambitious.

In any case, the Federal government to reach zero emissions by 2050. The decisive factor here is the switch to 100 percent renewable energies – but that's where there are huge problems at the moment.

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