Woman bites robber's finger – man flees

Woman bites robber's finger - man flees

As reported by the police, the 22-year-old drove around 0.8 p.m. bus ride on line 412 from the main station to Rautheim. At the bus stop "Am Spieltore" she left the bus together with a man about 30 years old with "southern appearance". In addition, a woman of about 17 years with black long hair, dressed in a light-colored wool sweater and a black leather jacket, got out of.

After a short time, the 22-year-old noticed, according to the police report, that the man was following her. The man, who is about 1.75 meters tall, had suddenly grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth, he said. The woman reportedly managed to bite the perpetrator's finger and then shout loudly for help. A man who was still awake let the woman into his apartment.

The unidentified man, who had black upswept hair and was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and loose pants, escaped.

The police now asks in particular the approximately 17-year-old woman, as well as other people who were traveling at that time with the bus of the line 412, to report under Tel: (05 31) 4 76 25 16.

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