View of the center of the region

View of the center of the region

This city is the upper center of the region, but what is an upper center if it is not convincing? In this respect, the people of the city and the region vote with their heads, with their hearts and with their feet – and Brunswick can definitely chalk up the result as a plus.

These texts give a small impression – Living and working in Braunschweig. We show what belongs to life: housing, education, culture, leisure, sport. And also how this is being worked out – with an environment for business, higher education and research that can be seen, but also needs to be constantly supplemented and improved.

The result is a snapshot of a special city, which grows and attracts. This results in challenges that also need to be addressed. It goes without saying that enjoyment, pleasure and shopping should not be neglected in the process. But anyone who so confidently attracts people must also take responsibility and develop new ideas – for sustainability, justice, the protection of the environment and sources.

Even if it is equipped for the future in this sense, Braunschweig can ame a leading function for the region.

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