Trump announcessuit against facebook, twitter and co. To

Former U.S. President Donald Trump intends to take legal action against the ban from the online platforms Facebook and Twitter Fight back. Donald Trump announced Wednesday at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, a Class action ("class action lawsuit") against corporate bosses Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Dorsey to. Google boss Sundar Pichai is also to be hauled before the judge. He is responsible for the video channel YouTube, Trump is persona non grata there, too.

What happened to him as a result of the blocking was "un-American" and "destroys our country" because it violates the right to free speech enshrined in the Constitution, Trump said at a press conference. He demanded the immediate restoration of his accounts. He is supported in this by the lobby group "America First Policy Institute," which continues to promote his policies to the best of its ability even after his election defeat last November. His former minister Linda McMahon sits on the board of directors.

Trump profiles blocked for inciting violence

The class action tool allows Trump to sue as a leader on behalf of third parties who also feel unjustly censored by the Internet giants based on political considerations. aut Trump concerned it around "tens of thousands". On Twitter, Trump, who had 80 million "followers" there, is banned for life. Facebook ruled in June that the 45. President of the United States cannot post anything until at least January 2023.

The suspension stems from Trump's incitement of violence and encouragement of the rioters, who were arrested on 6. January had stormed the Capitol in Washington to prevent the certification of President Joe Biden's election victory. "Given the severity of the circumstances that led to Mr. Trump's suspension, we believe his actions constitute a serious violation of our rules that merits the highest penalty provided in the new rules," Facebook communications chief Nick Clegg said at the time.

Trump sees lockdown as insulting to his constituents

"We're blocking his Facebook and Instagram accounts for two years."After that, they will look at whether the "risk to public safety" has declined," Clegg said. If this is not the case, the blocking will be extended for a fixed period of time. Trump called the muzzle an "insult" to the roughly 75 million voters who voted for him in the presidential election. Lawyers in Washington certified the complaint Trumps hardly chances of success in first reactions.

On the one hand, these are private companies that can independently define the spectrum in which contributions of opinion are allowed to move and where limits are reached. On the other hand, Trump has not even been able to prove that there are political motives behind the suspensions against him.

Criminal investigation into Trump's businesses

In truth, Trump's appearance in Bedminster, which was accompanied by much fanfare, bore "traits of desperation," said U.S. commentators. After months of forced absence from his favorite communications platforms, Trump thus concedes that he "can no longer get through in the day-to-day political conversation without Facebook and Twitter". All attempts to find an alternative or build an independent network have failed miserably so far, he said.

Trump, who has announced hundreds of lawsuits in his lifetime but ultimately never actually followed through on many of them, on the other hand, expressed optimism, saying, "I'm sure we're going to win a historic victory for free speech."On Twitter, quite a few voices cast Trump's action as a PR stunt to garner media attention, galvanize his loyal band of followers and distract from the New York attorney general's criminal investigation of his company.

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