The risks of speeding: bayern punished by frankfurt

The risks of speeding: bayern punished by frankfurt

Not much had actually happened, this thought could Julian Nagelsmann also have calmed down a little on Monday while playing sports. After a defeat, he likes to be physically active to hopefully get good ideas from it, the FC Bayern coach had told on Sunday evening, after he had lost for the first time in the eleventh competitive match with his new team.

Frankfurt punishes Bayern's deficits

The unfamiliar feeling after the 1:2 (1:1) against Eintracht Frankfurt gnawed recognizably on Nagelsmann and the Munich players, although superficially not much had happened. They remain leaders of the Bundesliga during the international break, before they are then punished by the equal second on points Bayer Leverkusen are received.

And yet the first home defeat for Bayern in almost two years, since a 1:2 against just that Werkself, interpret as a warning. Of the Eintracht had been punished for the first time those deficiencies, which could be observed already several times, also with the 5-0 against Dynamo Kiev last Wednesday in the Champions League. The Ukrainians had failed to capitalize on Bayern's counter-attacking vulnerability.

Manuel Neuer blunders, his counterpart Kevin Trapp shines

Unlike Frankfurt's Filip Kostic, who was sent off in the 83rd minute. In the second minute, Frankfurt completed at least one of the many poorly played counterattacks and made the surprised goalkeeper Manuel Neuer look worse than his counterpart with a left-footed shot including a touchdown Kevin Trapp, who had parried many chances of the Bavarians partly outstandingly. Only Leon Goretzka had been granted his first goal of the season (29.), before Martin Hinteregger immediately equalized (32.).

"In the end, it's always fatal when you're in the Four-on-one you play in the build-up and you have the other six players in the front line," Nagelsmann analyzed. Because then there is "a big hole in the middle, and about this hole Eintracht Frankfurt, also Greuther Furth and also Kiev switched the one or other time."

Bayern players looked tired at the end

In the first half, Bayern's extreme forward defense nor works. But the longer the game lasted, the more tired they seemed from their high running effort. With Borussia Dortmund, they have the most possession in the league, at the same time the Munich team is sixth in terms of kilometers run, a rather unusual combination.

Most importantly, they rank first in particularly strenuous sprints and third in intense runs. Values that point to a rather uneconomic style for a top team. In the club they fear already longer that the energy-consuming play style could have also consequences, if it goes in the spring around the titles.

Rolling over the opponent did not work out

It is the Risks of the frenzy, which were already several times to recognize, but which were now punished for the first time. Ideally, the opponent is overrun with this style, which the Bavarians had already managed several times. "Then we stand here again and sing Super Bayern," said Thomas Muller, "so it's now nix with Super Bayern."If the rolling over does not work, it becomes more difficult with every minute to win the game – as this time.

With increasing fatigue Frankfurt was no longer so aggressively pressed, the Bavarians came more and more often too late or they did not intervene at all energetically. The goal against which the moment was missed several times to stop the Frankfurt counterattack was a good example of this.

ball just did not want to go into Frankfurt's goal

Instead, the Munich team looked fatigued and let the opponents have their way. Dayot Upamecano braved as the last instance only powerless in the direction of Kostic, but did not reach the scorer at all. Certainly a lot had come together before that the ball simply did not want to go into the Frankfurt goal, because sometimes the post and again and again Trapp stood partly spectacularly in the way. And yet the lack of efficiency also hinted at another danger of the very run-intensive style of play: Fatigue after many sprints worsens coordination and concentration in the finish.

From the point of view of the Munich team, the analysis of Frankfurt coach Oliver Glasner After the first win of the season in the Bundesliga and the first of Eintracht at FC Bayern in almost 21 years sound like a warning. Not only that he referred to his defense, which had never played together like this before. After the video analysis of Munich's 5-0 win over Kiev, they also played specifically on the counterattack because the central defenders often move up extremely high, Glasner explained.

Frankfurt's coach Glasner sees himself vindicated

What's more, he said, they knew they would have to Counter will get. Only the playing out had been lacking. "If we did really well, we could have run at Manuel Neuer three, four, five more times on our own," Glasner said.

Bayer Leverkusen: So coach Seoane makes the team betterTo think: A better team would probably have succeeded, and then this initially so dominant game with the many chances for the Bavarians would have felt even stranger for them than already. Nagelsmann may also have thought about this while playing sports on Monday. Whether good ideas came to him thereby? This could change in the counter-attacking Leverkuseners show.

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