The noble “air picture prince” to hornburg

Editors also like to look at events from other than the normal perspectives once in a while. Seeing the city and county of Wolfenbuttel from the air, for example, is this special other perspective that I have always enjoyed pursuing, – especially since it has earned me the epithet "Noble Aerial Prince and Count of the Evening Sun at Hornburg".

Since 1985, I have often been in the airspace above Wolfenbuttel with helicopters, gliders or motor planes, for example to photograph the Wolfenbuttel Old Town Festival or the villages in the district from above. However, the aerial photographs had to be released by the district government before they could be published in the newspaper.

The most beautiful trips in the air I could make since 1993 in hot air balloons. Before the opening of the inner-German border, balloon flights were not allowed in the vicinity of this border, because with a balloon flight one does not know beforehand exactly where the balloon will be driven by the wind. On 6. September 1993 it was then however permitted. A balloon from the Meyen balloon agency in Wolfenbuttel took to the skies, flying from Wolfenbuttel via Halchter and Dorstadt to Hornburg, where the landing went smoothly. On the way, gliding almost silently through the air, I always had plenty of time to photograph the villages and the town from above without a dirty window in front of the camera.

Afterwards we went to the christening ceremony in an inn in Kissenbruck, where I was first of all confirmed that "the baptized took part in the journey through the sea of air with proper conduct and great courage". With the baptismal certificate, I was also granted the rights to possession and fief of the overrun lands, which I discovered, however, only when I have now found the certificate in a drawer again. Back in September 1993, the title awarded was more important to me.

Before I was appointed as "Baron Karl-Ernst", however, according to the guild and order of the balloonists to the "Noble Prince of Aerial Photography and Count of the Evening Sun at Hornburg", they briefly pinned my hair to my ears as an act of baptism and immediately extinguished the burning hair with champagne. It smelled terrible.

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