The crossbow deaths and two dead women in wittingen

The crossbow deaths and two dead women in wittingen

It is rare that the New York Times, USA Today, the British tabloid Mirror and the Guardian report on the events in the district of Gifhorn. For a brief moment in May, Wittingen becomes the focus of world attention. Broadcast vans with large satellite dishes are parked in Junkerstrabe near the St. Stephanus Church. Reporters cover the event for TV stations and news agencies.

The occasion is a sad one, a mysterious one, a puzzling one. The day before, police found a 35-year-old woman and a 19-year-old woman dead in house number 15. For several hours the forensic team is in the apartment. The 35-year-old was a teacher at a Wittingen elementary school and the partner of the 30-year-old woman who was among the crossbow victims found in a boarding house in Passau. Five dead, two crime scenes, one of them in Wittingen.

At the beginning of September, the Hildesheim public prosecutor's office closes the investigation into the deaths of the two women in Wittingen. Foul play to be ruled out. As Christina Pannek, first public prosecutor and press speaker of the public prosecutor's office Hildesheim communicates, is to be amed after the intensively led investigations that the deceased ones committed a joint suicide. In the blood of the deceased had been found a drug cocktail.

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Questions remain unanswered – many questions: Why did the five people decide to commit this crime?? Why this kind of staging in the Passau hotel? What happened in Wittingen? The 35-year-old woman lived with the 30-year-old found in Passau in a registered partnership. Both came only in March to Wittingen. The 30-year-old worked in a bakery outlet. Originally, all five dead were from Rhineland-Palatinate – including the 19-year-old found in the apartment. She had been considered missing for about three years. Her parents spoke in a TV interview about how their then 16-year-old daughter broke away from home. She had met the 53-year-old, who died in Passau from an arrow fired from a crossbow, at a martial arts club. He allegedly manipulated and dominated her. The parents had even hired a private detective, who says of the 53-year-old: "He was a kind of guru, someone who knows everything, to whom everyone listens, who can manipulate people well."

Alexander Kruger from Wieckenberg near Celle also confirmed this to our newspaper. The 53-year-old lived with three of the four women at Kruger's equestrian farm for two months in early 2017. He behaved like a "swaggering dictator," Kruger recounts. For him the man had been an impostor. He had pretended to be a psychologist, drove up in an Audi A8, black suit, black vest, black tie, and made a well-groomed impression. He had brought at least five horses with him – and a dog. It was this dog whose biting fury led Kruger to terminate the tenancy without notice. The dog had severely injured Krugers Munsterlander. The three women had a "completely submissive attitude" towards the 53-year-old, were always dressed in black, and always kept their heads down, explains Kruger.

Peace has long since returned to Junkerstrasse in Wittingen. In the parsonage, a little further across the street, and in other homes, the Christmas decorations are shining, the spotlights of the OB trucks are history.

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