Suffocated, strangled, stabbed – konigslutter commemorates murders of women

Suffocated, strangled, stabbed - konigslutter commemorates murders of women

On the one hand there are the statistics. According to the report, every day in Germany, a man tries to kill his ex- or current partner in to kill. But on the other side Fates like this behind it: "In the hallway lay a 33-year-old woman with fatal injuries, probably as a result of sharp and blunt force. Her life could not be saved." Just one victim of many, also remembered in Konigslutter was remembered.

On the occasion of the international day against violence against women had a Action team consisting of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sozialdemokratischer Frauen (ASF) in the district of Helmstedt, the Equal opportunity commissioner of the city of Konigslutter, Madeleine Kraub, as well as the team strong women Koenigslutter together and demanded: "Woman murder is no relationship drama! Stop femicides!"

"No relationship acts – murder out of hate"

Femizide, it explained ASF chairwoman and initiator Christine M. Emperor, be Homicide, which is decisively connected with the female gender of the victim coherence. If there is an attempt every day in Germany, this succeeds on every third day – that is more than 100 victims every year. "These are not relationship crimes, as it is often said. That is Murder out of hatred and as such he must be named," Kaiser demanded. There should be no extenuating circumstances for this.

When she studied the topic in more detail in the run-up to the campaign, the many fates shaken. "The women will stabbed, suffocated, set on fire, strangled. And usually in the most dangerous place there is for them: their home", the initiator clarified to us in a telephone conversation, in which she also talked about the Action in Konigslutter reported.

"Sad" situation

on the square in front of the town hall candles were lit to commemorate the victims. More than 30 case studies with names were also read out. At the beginning the equal opportunity commissioner Madeleine Kraub had reported about the beginnings of this day of remembrance. Christine M. Kaiser defined femicides based on the WHO guideline. But men also had their say.

So have it Mayor Alexander Hoppe as "deplorable" felt "that we need to speak out against violence against women every year – we should be much further". Thomas Wendt of the police in Konigslutter gave a remarkable figure according to this.

More cases in Konigslutter

Although there had been Konigslutter there had been no serious cases, nevertheless in Corona times the reported Cases of violence against women at 20 percent increase. In addition to the action, the group also wanted to Clarification perform, for example to the Help hotline, which can be reached free of charge at (08000) 116016. "For many, it's still news that this exists," Kaiser made clear.

Therefore they distributed small bags with Info material. Among other things a young man had taken such a bag after the end of the event. A touching encounter, reported Kaiser. "He told that there is also violence in his family, that his brother beats the wife." Kaiser hoped that he could offer her help.

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