Statuettes of the braunschweig originals are back again

Statuettes of the braunschweig originals are back again

Where are the bronze statuettes of the four Braunschweig originals?? This is what the Pirates wanted to know in the council on Tuesday. It's about harp Agnes, German Herrmann, rake August and tea uncle. In total, there are seven statuettes by the artist Hans Bethmann (1873 – 1946). They are in the possession of the Municipal Museum. But for several years, four of the bronze statuettes have been missing. Then on Tuesday, the happy news: they are back!

Department of Culture Anja Hesse explained that since an initial request from the Pirates a year ago, they had searched intensively. "Due to the classification of Bethmann's sculptural works, the research initially focused on the areas of decorative arts, large sculptures and, in particular, sculptures in the depots in the main building," explained Hesse. "In addition to the search in the depots, sales offers in the art trade, on the Internet and at auctions were observed in parallel, because it could not be ruled out that the statuettes were possibly no longer in the house."

Finally, the post-1945 collection, which is stored in the external depot in Petzvalstrabe, was also searched for. "The 40 boxes stored there were unpacked piece by piece and object by object. In one of the last boxes were the bronze statuettes we were looking for, perfectly packed in a cardboard box, Hesse said.

To crown it all, she very carefully unpacked the Harp Agnes statuette in the council meeting and presented it to the council people. The statuettes have a size of about 21 to 25 centimeters each. They are to be exhibited according to the culture department in the old city town hall. Hesse put the value per statuette at around 750 euros. "We're fortunate to have them."In the future, he said, it should be ensured that such untraceability of museum holdings is excluded. "This means that for every object that comes into or leaves the museum, or is even temporarily stored, as in this case, an object file must be created," Hesse said.

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